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#AVA shares why DOOH makes sense for time-sensitive campaigns

#AVA, or "Ask Verve Anything" is here to answer all questions programmatic and Verve!

The Marketing Team here at Verve has a lot of voracious readers. We LOVE content, and we look under every nook and cranny that can help our colleagues, our sales teams and our clients.

One of our fave sites? Reddit — particularly its “Ask Me Anything” section, where people literally ask ANYTHING that can help them address an issue, something that bugs them or even someone’s favorite type of cheese (for me — aged Bleu).

Verve has decided to adopt the best of Ask Me Anything — and in doing so, we created a new “staff member” to our team. Meet #AVA.

#AVA (not created by chatGPT), is an acronym for “Ask Verve Anything.”  #AVA will help anyone associated with Verve address the questions that matter to them. And like all of the cool kids, her name has a hashtag — so you know who you’re connecting with.

#AVA’s first assignment was to explore the strengths of digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaigns, and she spoke with Alp Ayhan, Managing Director Turkey and DOOH Consultant, Verve DSP to get the low-down.

#AVA takes on DOOH

DOOH is a digital upgrade to what #AVA’s parents know as traditional outdoor advertising and billboards. With technology, an ad and its viewers can interact with one another. And, it allows for real-time bidding and targeting. 

With any good technology tool, data is the key to tailor DOOH campaigns. Using such data sources as weather conditions, road traffic, and audience background within a particular region, brands can create more effective campaigns. BUT, data needs to be available on-the-fly so that any creative shared can be created in real time.

We’re finding that DOOH works for time- and topic-sensitive creative content. Let’s say a cold and flu brand is working with Verve on a DOOH campaign. It would be crucial to have data on the weather conditions to create a campaign focused on windy days. It could create a campaign to remind people to take care of themselves during strong winds and suggest the brand’s products as a solution.

DOOH in action

Here’s something a little more real … our team validated DOOH’s returns by working with a large European political campaign. Previously, this campaign conducted traditional out-of-home/billboard efforts. But using a DOOH campaign, Verve was able to change the message and content based on daily trends shaping the political race. If there was news about gun violence in a particular city, we could have a new ad posted within 30 minutes. 

The Verve team was in a position to control screens in ways that had not been done before — and voters noticed them sooner than later. What’s more, a DOOH campaign can be measured against many KPIs. Marketers can measure campaign performance by using brand lift surveys (to learn if users have seen the ad on a DOOH screen), or with other tactics like QR codes to measure where and when people see the ad content. Whether the client is a cold and flu brand, a political campaign, or any other brand, we can experiment to see if certain tactics work better than others to drive website traffic and search traffic. 

Do you have a time-sensitive campaign needed to reach consumers? Consider DOOH as an option.

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