Case Study:
Avocados from Mexico®

Relevant in-the-moment delivery leads to higher engagement among customers in-store making purchase decisions.


The popularity of avocados continues to soar in the United States with volume of units sold growing from 802 million pounds in 2005 to 2.1 billion pounds in 2015. Avocados From Mexico is the market leader with more than 60% of market share. The brand wanted to increase household penetration and consumption of avocados and dominate the digital conversation around nutrition, nutritional benefits of avocados, and weight management.

Avocados From Mexico wanted to execute a mobile-advertising campaign that leveraged specific moments when consumers will be most receptive to messaging regarding avocados.  Their goal was to increase foot traffic in their partner stores by reaching consumers in and around the stores of selected grocery partners, including Publix®, Kroger®, Safeway®, Albertsons®, and H-E-B®.


Verve executed an eight-month location-based campaign targeting moments defined by Avocados From Mexico. Verve used several strategies to reach the most relevant audience, including building a custom audience segment that incorporated purchase data from Datalogix® and geo-fencing top grocery partners of Avocados From Mexico.

The ads for this campaign featured three different engagement messages, all tailored to consumers’ real-time location and appeared in sequential order. The first message, featuring an avocado/guacamole recipe, was delivered to consumers around targeted grocery partner stores. When consumers tapped on the ad, it expanded to display their current location in relation to the nearest partner grocery store. A quick tap pulled up turn-by-turn directions to the selected store. Once the consumer arrived at their destination, product-education videos such as “how to pick the right avocado” and “how to ripen an avocado” were delivered to consumers shopping inside the targeted stores. Finally, a “how to prepare avocados” message was re-targeted to consumers whose households were located in the same geographic area as the partner grocery stores.



Both purchase-based and geo-fence targeting tactics yielded similar increases in foot traffic. Verve also observed consumers running a variety of errands, including shopping for home goods, consumer electronics, sporting goods, and nutritional supplements, as well as stopping at the gym and auto service station.


While overall CTR is more than 50% higher than industry average, the CTR of the ad for customers in-store was the highest at 1.6%, indicating the most successful in-the-moment delivery.


Every video had a completion rate that exceeded the uppermost Verve benchmark of 50%, demonstrating that relevant delivery leads to higher engagement and placing products top of mind during purchase decisions.


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