Indoor Positioning and the Future of Mobile Marketing

A detailed perspective on the quest for vertical location.

When it comes to identifying consumer movements and behaviors throughout interior locations, solving for vertical location — i.e. solving for floor — presents complicated challenges around data sources and accuracy. There are currently significant hurdles, for example, facing brands marketers as they work toward reliable systems for identifying mobile-device altitude, ground-elevation data, and building floor-height.

While progress is underway in terms of technology that can further enable brands and marketers to overcome these obstacles, a more immediate solution to the vertical-location equation is to bring together extant technology for an indoor-positioning solution.

The approaches already available in this effort include 360-video, 3D scene reconstruction tools, landmark and positional device tech, and evolving capabilities around automated site-surveying and fingerprinting. Marketing, advertisers, and their technology partners are on the cusp of leaving behind the hazy picture of indoor spaces and realizing an indoor-positioning system model that can distinguish a consumer’s location within the horizontal and vertical planes of a building.

In Beyond Solving for Floor: Indoor Positioning and the Future of Mobile Marketing, Gary Ng, Vice President, Data Science, at Verve, presents a detailed perspective on the quest for vertical location and the emerging path to a fully three-dimensional understanding of consumers’ interior movements and behaviors.


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