Big Ideas: Mobile Marketing on the Cutting Edge

12 ways to frame mobile marketing’s work and push it forward — big ideas that create positive outcomes for digital advertisers and publishers.

Mobile marketing is about many things, but at the end of the day it comes down to big ideas that create positive outcomes for advertisers and publishers in the digital space.

Our business is inspiration. It’s about making connections between new technologies, new experiences, and fresh concepts that help us anticipate what mobile users will love and what they’ll want to do next. And we do this in partnership with the brands, publishers, and platforms that can carry those ideas into consumers’ day-to-day mobile interactions.

As creators and inspirers, we must always reach for the next big thing. We must be technologists, we must be designers for the mobile screen, and we must be advocates for the mobile adopter. Consumers’ experiences and engagements, their attention and their interest, these are the reasons we exist in the marketplace.

If our business is building this network of ever-changing and always exciting ideas, then the 12 sections of this publication represent a dozen ways to frame our industry’s work and push it forward. From the drive for zero fraud to the deep-data insights needed to create the next generation of mobile campaigns, from the rise of enterprise in the location-intelligence space to the renewed energy around beacons, SDKs, and new interfaces, these are 12 big ideas on the industry’s cutting edge.


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