An Ad-Tech Holiday Season Carol…With A Purpose

By Michael Shmarak
Snr. Director of Communications
December 9, 2022

For avid readers of the Verve Group blog (you ARE an avid reader, right?), you have learned a lot from us.  We shared a strategy to using mobile and CTV; we talked about how gaming could be a key to omnichannel success; we talked a lot about privacy and contextual targeting and transparency and … WHEW!

Yeah, we shared a lot of fresh thinking in 2022, and there’s more to come in 2023. But, we also want to have a little fun as well.

Here’s a little narrative to get you thinking about the opportunities that ad tech allows us – and those that we can share with others.  Enjoy!


It’s the Holiday season, in all Verve Group towns.

It’s time for frolic and merriment all around.

Send out the fruitcakes, mail out the gifts,

But please don’t include us in “who gets what” rifts.


We’re embarking on budgets and forecasts and plans,

#LetsMakeMediaBetter across all of our lands.

First, let’s take time to toast work that’s been done,

Too many things to count (too many betas left to run).


Let’s start things with lunch, let’s end things with drinks.

And with time in between, let’s hear what one thinks,

About ad-tech, about marketing, and things about brands.

And how Verve Group is working to create scores of new fans.


With Google, With Meta. And Apple’s IDFA.

On all other standards that create a new way

To give publishers and brands a better way to connect

Without wanting to strangle the other guy’s neck.


But with changes come questions, and with questions come learning 

about how to do better–and how our sector can be yearning.

So let’s start with this stanza to make 2023 greater

And make this earth of ours better, now and not later.

  • Click this link so we can plant or save a tree, so we all do our part, to breathe better and free.
  • Perhaps click this link to give those who are in need of one meal or many; both needed, indeed.
  • Or click on this link to help our dear friend, who is battling something horrible that no one should fend.


Regardless of which link that you choose, know that each one matters–you just cannot lose.

We ask that you share this with people you know, so that others will reap what they may not sow.

As our ode concludes, we look forward to listening, about why YOUR 2023 will be awesome and glistening.

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