Introducing Our New Brand Identity

By Verve Group
Advertising Innovation at Scale
April 7, 2021

We are excited to announce the launch of Verve Group’s new brand identity, including a new logo, typeface, color palette, imagery, messaging, and website. Over the last year, Verve Group has developed its suite of products and offerings to better serve both advertisers and publishers across the digital advertising ecosystem. We now offer a holistic demand-side platform with a focus on performance, a marketplace for geo-targeted and audience-targeted campaigns, a video platform with premium connected TV supply, and a mobile supply-side platform and programmatic ad exchange. We felt it was important to align these robust solutions with our core values in a new, revamped global identity. 

Our new branding is a reflection of who we are today: global, omnichannel, transparent, and innovative. The branding is also built on simplicity. In an industry full of complexity, we wanted to create a narrative and identity that was straightforward and easy to understand. Without further ado, let us introduce our new visual identity and our new brand statement: “Advertising Innovation at Scale.”

Verve Group logo tagline colours

For our new logo and visual identity, we wanted to showcase our core values and beliefs: make an impact, achieve greatness together, grow through innovation, and challenge the status quo. We chose blue as our primary color because it symbolizes trust, reliability, and strength. We added purple and green to our color palette to evoke feelings of wisdom and growth, respectively. We also wanted our brand and messaging to incorporate the meaning of the word “verve,” which stands for “great energy and enthusiasm.”

Our new identity comes at a time when digital advertising and the open internet desperately need alternatives to the more prominent technology platforms. With growing concerns over transparency and user privacy, we pride ourselves on being a privacy-first omnichannel ad platform — a platform that is gaining clear support from many of the world’s leading advertisers and publishers. 

Many thanks to our senior leadership and our marketing organization, who worked tirelessly on building this new brand identity. And a big thank you to our partners as well. We are nothing without your support. We will continue to make an impact and achieve greatness together by challenging the status quo and driving change through innovation and collaboration. 

We invite everyone to explore our new identity. We truly believe it reflects the way we see ourselves and our business today — and how we see the future as our industry and the world around us continue to evolve.

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