There’s Proof — And Then There’s DoubleVerify’s Version of Proof

By Michael Shmarak
Snr. Director of Communications
July 20, 2022

No matter the industry, no matter the company or brand, nobody likes to be scammed. Despite all our best efforts, there is always SOMEONE who wants to take advantage of the good people and brands striving to make an industry better.

The advertising technology industry is no exception. With the growth of connected TV, ad-tech companies need to be prepared to combat CTV ad fraud. As one of the leading CTV marketplaces in the industry, Verve Group is committed to ensuring a brand-safe environment for advertisers — and that every ad is rendered on a real device in a household and viewed by a human. 

So we’re feeling really good to know that DoubleVerify has awarded Verve Group with its CTV Targeting Certification for platforms.  Here’s why it matters.

How does CTV Targeting Certification help advertisers?

Verve Group’s marketplace went through extensive processes and protocols that DoubleVerify has put forth to ensure we are certified to prevent fraud and IVT by applying DoubleVerify’s pre-bid app and device fraud protection on CTV devices. Besides providing validation, the certification reflects other components that validate Verve Group’s commitment to fraud and waste:

  • It means that the CTV inventory that we onboard utilizes DoubleVerify’s pre-bid app and device fraud protection to remove fraud and SIVT from our premium marketplace.
  • It reinforces our mutual commitment to stringent in-house and independent fraud checks.
  • It is a testament to our ability to maintain quality, without compromising on scale; Verve Group connects CTV advertisers to over 88 million real screens in 30 million real households.
  • Above all else, it demonstrates a commitment to why we are so transparent in how we operate, driving visibility through audits into our programmatic supply chain.

Why DoubleVerify?

DoubleVerify is one of the industry’s  leading independent providers of digital media measurement and analytics.  According to DoubleVerify, non-certified programmatic platforms see a CTV fraud rate that is 11 times higher than certified partners. Think of the wasted time and dollars that are part of that figure–and now think about the number of customers who see that amount of wasted ads.  

We believe in DoubleVerify’s mission of preserving a free, ad-supported internet and helping brands improve the effectiveness of their online advertising.  For Verve Group, this is not mere lip service, but a fundamental reason why being verified in this day and age should matter.

“Everyone in the adtech sector is more than acutely aware of the issues that fraud and waste cause on everyone involved,” said Nilesh Dhawale, Director of Product (CTV) for Verve Group.  

“DoubleVerify’s ability to certify Verve Group’s CTV ad inventory lets our customers know that we are not only looking out for their best interests, but that we align ourselves with partners who they know we trust and can provide the utmost transparency in how their ad is used.”

If CTV is a part of your media plan, you need to learn more about this certification and why Verve Group has your best interests at heart–and at wallet.  Reach out to us so you can learn more.

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