Jounce Media and Pixalate recognize Verve’s programmatic excellence

Jounce Media and Pixalate recognize Verve for excellence in premium programmatic advertising supply chain transparency and supply-side trust

We’re embarking on the all-important back-to-school season, which can be a good indicator for how brands and marketers will spend in the coming months (check out this article to see how North American brands may fare). 

While those of us in marketing, media, and related industries are constantly looking at numbers and forecasts, we are equally as focused on year-round learning and performance. And just like we did when we were young, we want that 100%, A+ or other mark that shows you perform at a high level.

It’s one thing for Verve to grade itself as being at the top of the class; it’s another thing — and a better thing — when the experts of our industry tell us. With that in mind, here are two ad-tech “teachers” who gave Verve some great grades.

Jounce Media

Jounce Media is one of ad tech’s most authoritative voices in programmatic supply chain management. It is trusted by the world’s largest marketers, media companies, and advertising technology platforms to enable high efficiency programmatic trades.

This July, Jounce Media released a benchmarking report that collected supply chain data across more than 1.3 million websites, 720,000 mobile apps, and 36,000 connected TV apps to more deeply understand the ways in which buyers and sellers transact with one another.

The report showed that Verve is the leader in providing premium mobile app supply, ensuring quality ad experiences at a lower cost. 

  • Verve delivers 79% of premium mobile app supply — more than any other SSP.  
  • It is the least dependent on sub-premium supply than all omnichannel exchanges.
  • AND, Verve was found to have direct partnerships with the largest mobile app developers.

And if that wasn’t enough, Jounce Media also showed how and where Verve ranked in quality CTV supply. The report showed how Verve’s CTV quality is better than the competitive set with identical reach.   


Pixalate’s global ad fraud intelligence and marketing compliance platform helps prevent invalid traffic and improve ad inventory quality. Anyone who’s anyone in ad tech sees Pixalate’s SSP Market Share Reports — they rank programmatic advertising sell-side platforms (SSPs) by estimated market share for key CTV and mobile platforms.  

In Pixalate’s Mobile Sell-Side Platform Market Share Q2 2023 Report, Verve led the entire North American market for both Google and Apple App Stores. This comes on the heels of Pixalate’s Mobile Sell-Side Platform Market Share Q1 2023 Report showing Verve leading North America with 12% market share for Android apps and EMEA with 13%.

Pixalate's Mobile Sell-Side Platform (SSP) Market Share Report - Q1 2023, Verve leads market share for Google Play / Android apps in North America and EMEA.

Verve is true to your school when it comes to delivering products and services that don’t just make the grade, but exceed expectations. Ask your Client Service Manager about what Verve can do for you.

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