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The gift of sustainability: Making it easier for advertisers and publishers to give back

Verve sustainability efforts make it easier for advertisers and publishers to give back and create a more sustainable media industry

Unwrapping purposeful advertising 

At Verve, our motto is “Let’s make media better,” and this holiday season, we’re taking it a step further. We believe that giving back should be more than a seasonal tradition — it should be a seamless part of our everyday practice. 

Verve’s commitment to a greener approach spans partnerships with organizations like Eden Reforestation Projects, innovative ad units with Givsly, curated inventory with a sustainability twist, and our collaborative efforts with Cedara to measure and reduce carbon emissions across the advertising supply chain. For us, “Let’s make media better” isn’t just a tagline — it’s a commitment to a greener, socially responsible, and better advertising ecosystem, 365 days a year.

Growing a healthier planet and stronger communities with Eden Reforestation Projects 

Now in our second year as a corporate sponsor, Verve donates to Eden Reforestation Projects on behalf of our clients. This organization actively addresses the climate crisis by restoring forest systems, one tree at a time. Our annual contribution further fortifies our dedication to a healthier planet. 

Not only that, Eden’s mission is to create a sustainable and community-driven approach to restoring the environment, benefiting both the planet and the people. In addition to planting 485+ million trees, Eden advocates for fair wages and employment opportunities for women and single parents. So far, Eden has helped to create more than 6,000 jobs in five countries. That’s a huge contribution to carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation, and improving the lives of communities in need.

Giving back with Givsly

In 2023, we onboarded Givsly as a partner to help advertisers reach their corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. This new partnership offers clients a new ad unit that drives engagement while boosting brand sentiment. The Givsly Good Advertising solution is a turnkey way for brands to seamlessly support causes that matter to them. Advertisers and brands working with Verve can now easily integrate donation messaging into static, rich media, video, and CTV creatives. In the last four years, Givsly has helped companies generate $1.5 million in donations to 400+ nonprofits.

Activating curated, sustainable inventory

Verve’s Curated Inventory Marketplace houses brand-safe inventory packages spanning a sustainability deal targeting eco-friendly platforms and a DE&I deal supporting minority-owned inventory and businesses. The sustainability deal makes it easy for advertisers and brands to go green while finding audiences who align with your brand’s values, extending your reach across eco-friendly sites and platforms. We have a suite of seasonal packages, and all pre-packaged deals are crafted for optimal performance and customizable for audiences and KPIs. 

Measuring impact to make change with Cedara

We know that brands increasingly need to know more about their campaigns’ environmental impact. That’s why Verve partnered with Cedara, a global sustainability company that uses advanced measurement technology to identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions across the entire advertising supply chain.

These measurements will include campaign-level insights that Verve can pass on to our clients to help them reach their CSR and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

Making media better — together

We’re grateful to share our commitment to making media better in a way that goes beyond screens and clicks. At Verve, we’ll continue to champion sustainability — not just during the holidays but every day. We invite you to join us in the ongoing conversation about making media better and giving back. Let’s work together to ensure our collective impact resonates well into the future.

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