The Realities of Data and Marketing: Success, Challenges, and The State of Personalization

A deep dive: where marketing stands with data-science maturity, data-driven returns, and consumer personalization in 2018.

Data and data science is now at the heart of everything marketing leaders can achieve and marketers, by a vast majority, say they’re seeing lift, returns, and positive business outcomes because of it.

At the same time, our new research — sponsored with Ascendant Network — draws back the curtain, highlighting what we’ve long suspected and known, that ownership and investment in data initiatives is an evolving, multi-department conversation across companies and that the best practices around personalization and consumer experiences are very much evolving, too.

Marketers are balancing three key factors in their work with data — sheltering customers’ privacy, fostering relevant moments in the mobile space, and earning greater returns and loyalty. As a positive forecast for the industry, and a compelling ‘reality check’ around just where marketing stands in terms of data-science maturity, this new report unpacks the realities of data and marketing in 2018.


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