New Research: UK Marketers Connect the Dots Between Data Insights and Creative Inputs

What’s holding brands back from giving their creative design work the same data-driven attention they apply to buying?

There’s no question that marketers view data as a means to more successful campaigns—in a recent report from The Winterbury Group, 79.6% of respondents agreed that customer data plays a pivotal role in shaping their marketing and advertising efforts.

Evidence of data’s importance is particularly clear in how media is bought—an estimated 4 out of 5 digital-ad dollars in the U.S, will be spent programmatically in 2017 and the IAB predicts that 80%-90% of UK digital spend will be programmatic by 2019. Yet, examples of data playing a key role in how media creative is designed are still scarce. According to internal research from AppNexus, only 3% of programmatic campaigns offer a unique creative experience for each audience segment.

So what’s holding brands back from giving their creative design work the same data-driven attention they apply to buying? Lack of data isn’t the problem — marketers have more data at their fingertips now than ever before. What can be a challenge, however, is identifying the right data. First-party data, sourced directly from the device via SDK, enriched with relevant second- and third-party data sources, forms the bedrock of a successful approach to optimizing campaigns.

What’s even more essential is understanding how to apply all this data throughout a campaign so that it shapes the ad the consumer experiences in ways that drive contextual relevance and engagement. Ultimately, these factors drive conversions in both the digital and physical worlds. It’s a process that often requires intense collaboration between various teams, not to mention a spectrum of skills, from data science to finely tuned design expertise.

Now, ExchangeWire has joined forces with Verve to look into the current status of UK marketers — how they are connecting the dots between data insights and creative outputs.

Key findings reveal:

•72% of UK mobile-ad buyers say they are already maximising the value of their mobile data when it comes to planning ad campaigns.

•More than half (58%) of data-savvy mobile-ad buyers favour first-party data; 37% turn to second-party data as a primary approach to data-led campaigns and creative.

•The majority (82%) of mobile-ad buyers say the biggest challenge in marrying data-driven insights to strong storytelling is aligning teams and leveraging informative data. We also see that time, lack of experience and difficulty proving ROI are significant challenges.

The full report can be downloaded below.

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