New Research: AR, VR, Marketers + Emerging Interfaces

Top digital-marketing leaders pinpoint the industry’s progress with AR, VR, bots, and more.

Smarter, smaller, and more powerful devices will power the next great leap in digital experiences. These will go beyond the flat screen into more immersive, more personal, and more multi-dimensional environments. But are marketers ready to take the plunge?

The Next Digital Wave: Emerging Interfaces + Experiences Beyond the Flat Screen, an exclusive research survey of top digital-marketing decision makers in the Ascendant Network, sponsored by Verve, found that marketers will invest in emerging interfaces when 10% of target consumers adopt them.

Investment doesn’t mean a rush to deployment, however. At least, not yet.

In the study, marketers further explain that while they are bullish on technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality, for now they are tempering their sense of urgency to adopt them extensively.

For marketers similarly on the fence about embracing emerging interfaces, the study provides several takeaways. It recommends mapping interfaces to customer journeys, especially now that customer experience is on everyone’s mind. It also suggests working with agencies and vendors willing to experiment with things like AI and AR to help prove longer-term business value.

To find out more about how marketers are approaching “next big things” like bots, augmented reality, and connected cars, download the study below.


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