Why Location? A Handbook for Publishers Ready to Innovate

Location-powered advertising is a dead cert when it comes to the future of marketing strategy. But what does location mean for publishers?

Location-powered advertising is a dead cert when it comes to the future of marketing strategy. It is the not-so-secret ingredient that transforms a standard mobile campaign into an award-winning showcase of what brands can do.

But what does location mean for publishers?

It’s no surprise that mobile is consumers’ most important screen. As mobile users’ demand for rich and relevant content continues to rise, the expectation of location-tailored advertising and personalization has never been more prominent; 71% of Mobile Prodigies, Millennials and Gen Z consumers who have never lived in a world without mobile, prefer ads customized to their location. It’s clear where the industry is heading and there’s no time to lag behind. And while mobile is here to stay, and while many publishers understand the promise of location data in the context of mobile, many still struggle to leverage and optimize its value.

Verve, alongside its international publisher and agency community, has built a handbook highlighting and helping to solve the top six mobile challenges that publishers face. How can publishers best leverage the in-app environment? How can they win with location intelligence? Can publishers manage privacy protection whilst ensuring creative engagement? The handbook covers everything from data collection to adaptation of content, making the case at every stage for why location really is the future of mobile storytelling.

“Publishers are faced with a plethora of challenges when it comes to mobile,” said Rhys Denny, Director of Business Development, Verve. “At the same time, it has never been more crucial for publishers to create new sources of revenue. With Google, Facebook, and the surge of social, it’s a tough world out there — battling between mobile web and app, audience capture, and monetisation. And all these factors are tightly wrapped up with the sophisticated demands of the consumer, who at any point can block ads and switch-off revenue supply. Now is the time for publishers to drive innovation and put location at the heart of their mobile growth.”


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