New Research from Verve: Mobile Prodigies – Millennials and Gen Z

We surveyed 3,000 people ages 14–29 to gain significant new insights on mobile advertising. Download the whitepaper now.

Verve, the leading location-based mobile advertising company, has just released new research on Millennials and Generation Z, two groups of young mobile experts that Verve now terms Mobile Prodigies. The new research introduces significant new insights into the behavior and attitudes of young generations as they respond to mobile advertising.

The research, done in collaboration with Wildness, a youth-insights group founded by Awesomeness TV, involved surveying 3,000 people ages 14–29 and also included a series of focus groups. The research shows the profound impact Mobile Prodigies will have on mobile advertising, mobile’s intersection with in-store shopping, and the future of mobile creative.

Key insights from the report are:

• 60% of Mobile Prodigies ages 14–17 would prefer to lose their wallet instead of their phone.
• 80% of Mobile Prodigies said that they spend more time on mobile apps than a year ago.
• 95% of Mobile Prodigies said that they make purchases in brick-and-mortar stores based on ads that they have seen on their mobile device.

The full Mobile Prodigies whitepaper can be downloaded below.

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