Federated Mobile: EXTEND & ENHANCE

Federated Mobile: EXTEND & ENHANCE

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  • All screens, in and out of home

    Consumers are surrounded by screens, from connected TVs to digital signage to the smartphones in their pockets. For marketers, mobile is the constant, providing an identity link between all the touchpoints in a rapidly evolving media landscape.
    Federated Mobile uses mobile device ID, enriched with Movement Science™, to deliver advertising experiences to the most relevant screen at any moment, forging powerful, contextually relevant connections between brands and their customers.
    Federated Mobile

High-fidelity moments, cross-screen connections

  • Connected TV

    Combine smart TV viewer data and mobile device data to enrich advertising on both screens for optimal campaign performance.

  • Mobile

    Leverage Movement Science to understand consumer behavior across the many connected and convergent screens of the modern customer journey.

  • Digital Out-of-Home

    Reach mobile consumers on digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens and infuse mobile campaigns with DOOH exposure data.

Federated Mobile Campaigns

  • Harmonize messaging across all screens

    Mobile device ID coupled with location intelligence and household matching empowers marketers to deliver campaigns infused with CTV and DOOH data, to all the screens that matter, both in and out of home.

    Federated Mobile
  • Inform Mobile Campaigns with TV Insights

    Device to household matching enables marketers to integrate behavioral insights from connected TV into mobile campaigns, delivering more efficient targeting and most effective brand messaging. Conversely, use mobile insights to refine targeting and messaging of OTT ads.

    Federated Mobile
  • Extend Reach with DOOH

    Extract insights from the observation of mobile movement patterns over time to deliver DOOH experiences in the wild.

    Federated Mobile

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