Pursuing the Mobile Moment: New Research for the UK

This UK infographic opens a vista onto the next chapter of ‘Pursuing the Mobile Moment’.

Mobile is nothing short of central to consumers’ lives. It informs, inspires, and illuminates shoppers’ demands, desires, aspirations, and where, when, and how consumers engage with every brand that works to reach them in the digital space.

But how are advertisers meeting the challenge of using location data to drive meaningful and memorable experiences?

  • In the UK, 63% of respondents in new research said they’re using it to create new audience attributes — bringing together critical details around observed location and movement.
  • More than half (59%), are using location data to drive customers into stores.

These statistics, and more, emerge from Pursuing The Mobile Moment, a June 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Verve. The new publication presents fresh data around how mobile advertisers use location data — how it informs their advertising efforts, what challenges they face, and what benefits they receive.

In the infographic below, we’ve further explored these questions as they pertain to the UK. Echoing and reinforcing what the primary study found among North American marketing decision-makers, this UK infographic opens a vista onto the next chapter of Pursuing the Mobile Moment.

Download the UK infographic by filling out the form below.


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