New Research From Verve and ExchangeWire: Movement Science™ – The Power of SDK-Derived Data

We surveyed UK media professionals about their opinions, understanding and perception of location data extracted from both the exchange pool and SDK model.

ExchangeWire, the global data-driven intelligence platform, in partnership with Verve, the leading location-based mobile advertising company, has released new research to better understand UK mobile ad trading practices through the power of location intelligence.

The research ran throughout April and May 2017, surveyed 249 media professionals in the UK to discover their opinions on location data technology. The report unveils the true value behind marrying both accurate and precise location data, proving how important it is for publishers to optimize their first-party data to enable marketers to get the basics right before adding to their overall data mix; the better the data, the better the insights, the better the outcome.

Key insights from the report are:

  • 87% of UK publishers have increased mobile ad yield as a result of integrating location-smart SDK technology
  • 63% of UK media buyers and sellers believe over two-fifths of location data received from SDKs is sufficiently accurate and precise
  • 72% agree that location data gathered through only the exchange pool provides less accurate and less precise intelligence than location data gathered through the SDK model

The full SDK report can be downloaded below.


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