Verve Acquires Receptiv

Verve Acquires Receptiv

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Mobile Just Got Better

Verve’s acquisition of Receptiv starts with the recognition that the two organizations always held the same vision for mobile: first-party data; integrated publisher relationships; putting the consumer at the heart of every experience via relevant, innovative, anticipatory creative that re-imagines the mobile ad. It’s a DNA-level match and the outcome is the dominant mobile platform for video and display marketing.



Verve delivers a comprehensive mobile-first solution to serve advertisers in a bigger and better way.

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Discover What We Can Do Together

  • Identify deep insights about real people with accuracy and precision using patented location intelligence.

  • Find your audience with 75+ location-informed custom segments developed from Verve Kinetic.

  • Engage consumers with custom mobile experiences designed by the Verve in-house creative studio.

  • Inform your mobile strategies and measure and optimize campaigns with insights and analytics.

  • Power consumer-centric mobile campaigns with the industry’s original end-to-end mobile marketing platform.

  • Leverage the Verve Beacon platform to collect insights and create experiences and verify attribution in the physical world.

  • Access Verve premium inventory and targeting options through all major DSPs.

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