Verve Group and GeoEdge collaborate to support AdTechCares

By Robert Sala
VP, Business Development
May 4, 2021

Early in 2020, amid the COVID-19 crisis, the AdTechCares coalition was founded by Amobee and more than 50 other industry partners with a goal to raise awareness and combat misinformation surrounding the pandemic. The initial PSA campaign invited media partners to contribute impressions to a series of ads leading consumers to factual websites including World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to increase awareness through ad formats across video, connected TV, DOOH, and audio. 

Over one year after its founding, AdTechCares is still going strong and has expanded its COVID-19 PSA campaign to include an array of awareness campaigns focusing on global issues such as Black Lives Matter and Campaign Zero, pro-vaccination PSAs, and supporting causes for environmental issues.

Verve Group is proud to have contributed to AdTechCares since early in its founding by donating remnant in-app inventory — initially for its WHO campaigns — and, more recently, towards the COVID Vaccine Trust Campaign. This latest initiative sees AdTechCares partnering with the Veterans Coalition for Vaccination (VCV) and Venables Bell + Partners to ensure public trust in COVID-19 vaccinations across the US. 

How Verve Group and GeoEdge Are Supporting AdTechCares With ‘Fallback Ads’

Verve Group partners with leading ad security and verification provider GeoEdge which detects low-quality ads and verifies that sites and apps offer a clean, safe, and engaging user experience. GeoEdge identifies undesirable ads on Verve Group’s exchange and replaces these with pre-approved fallback ads in real time. Verve Group and GeoEdge have come together to support the pro-vaccination PSA campaign by replacing this fallback ad with vaccine trust creatives provided by the AdTechCares team and their partners. 

Previously, the fallback ad in place was an in-house creative from Verve Group but the team saw the opportunity to use this space for promoting something more meaningful. The creatives are available in all display ad sizes and are estimated to fire around 20-30M impressions monthly for this campaign.

At Verve Group, we encourage our allies and other industry leaders to use both innovation and creativity to find new ways in collaborating with partners to drive change, raise awareness, and use digital advertising to change the world for the better.

“It’s amazing to see that our industry and collective technology are able to do something great for the world”, said Iva Parvanova, Director of Account Management at Verve Group and AdTechCares Founding Member.

“It feels great that we can extend the borders of our partnership with Verve Group beyond day-to-day activity”, said Yuval Shiboli, Regional Director EMEA at GeoEdge. “AdTechCares is a great opportunity to harness technology and resources for a good cause,” he added.

If you’re a partner with GeoEdge and would like to work together with them on a similar setup, please reach out to the team at moc.e1716320111gdeoe1716320111g@sc1716320111. If you’d like to collaborate with Verve Group on similar impactful initiatives, reach out to us here. And don’t forget to follow the great work AdTechCares is doing for the world or sign up to become an AdTechCares partner here

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