Programmatic for eCommerce: Diversify Your Ad Portfolio

By Reagan McNameeKing
Senior Content Marketing Manager
November 23, 2022

Even as the world faces new economic uncertainties, the pandemic-driven boom in ecommerce doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Tried-and-true digital marketing strategies for ecommerce — social media ads, email campaigns, and always-on paid search — have become more expensive and less effective. But there’s good news: the internet is bigger than Meta, Google, and Amazon.

Why eCommerce needs programmatic advertising

Wondering how (and why) to market your ecommerce store without relying on paid search and social? (It’s easier than you might expect.)

Here are a few reasons that ecommerce sellers should branch out from social media and SEM:

  • Consumers actually prefer display and native ads on the open internet over paid search and social media ads.
  • Online merchants can access 93% of the open internet using Match2One.
  • Programmatic offers increased control and transparency over where your ads appear.
  • AI-driven ecommerce marketing creates efficiencies and reduces costs.

Ecommerce retailers can also now build and launch programmatic display and native ads directly within Shopify, using Match2One’s Shopify app.

For everything you need to know about programmatic digital advertising for ecommerce, Match2One has you covered. The digital advertising landscape has radically changed in recent years, and it’s time for online sellers to tap into the power of programmatic advertising.

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