The games people play create opportunities

By Sameer Sondhi
May 12, 2022

When I was growing up, I wanted to always play video games.  

I didn’t care where I played, when I was able to play them.  I didn’t care if it was on a mobile phone or a game console.  I didn’t care if the game was about sports, cars, words or me being able to channel my inner action hero.  I loved the thrill and action of games.   

Now, I am a few years older.  I still love my games, but I love them for a lot more reasons.  Sure, I have the tendency to kick my imaginary sports car into fourth gear and drive throughout busy streets, but I am also more cognizant and aware of the data that comes with me playing games.

Within the ad-tech community, gaming studios are hot commodities.  Not only do they possess strong technical developers and compelling content, they are the newest treasure troves of data that ad-tech loves to connect with.

Verve Group and its parent company, MGI, are no exceptions. MGI recently announced it acquired AxesInMotion, a fast-growing and leading free-to-play mobile games developer (here is the news release that MGI shared announcing the acquisition).

The Verve Group team is excited about the opportunities to work with and learn from the AxesInMotion team for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is learning from them how they use data acquired by customers to create better gaming experiences.  

  • AxesInMotion has a strong portfolio of content, but it also has had more than 700 million downloads of its games.  This sort of data pool is attractive to an organization like Verve Group, because its audience often mirrors the demographic and psychographic segments that appeal to advertisers and publishers.

  • What’s more, gaming offers an appealing alternative to the issues related to advertising tracking.  In a world where the use of Apple’s IDFA is increasingly restricted, it is becoming more difficult for the advertising industry to run efficient data-driven user acquisition campaigns. Gaming can help overcome these challenges because of its strong first-party data pools; targeting customers with relevant messages and content can become so much more efficient – without relying on identifiers and third-party data.

But this means so much more to us than just data, and importantly, we want to help AxesInMotion benefit from this new association.  The AxesInMotion team will benefit from having the ability to broaden its tech stack.  Verve Group and MGI are in an ideal marketplace position to help empower smaller media companies to build up their tech stack.

We encourage you to learn more about AxesInMotion.  We also encourage you to take some time away from work and to download a game or two.  

I can’t wait to hear stories from people sharing their inner action hero stories like mine.

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