Choose wisely: The 36X difference between contextual solutions

Verve's contextual targeting solution, Moments.AI, is a finalist for best contextual targeting in 2023's Digiday Awards Europe.

Discover the groundbreaking research showing how three different contextual solutions, including Verve’s Moments.AI, succeeded (or failed) at targeting new and relevant content. You’ll also find out why Moments.AI is a finalist for Digiday Awards Europe’s “Best Contextual Targeting” this year! 

Verve’s in-app marketplace drives 256% revenue uplift on APS

Amazon Publisher Services logo - Verve case study PubNative

Verve, one of the fastest-growing SSPs for mobile and connected TV and a part of Media and Games Invest, is excited to share the strong performance of its in-app marketplace PubNative on Amazon Publisher Services, according to a recent case study published by Amazon Publisher Services (APS). In 18 months, Verve’s in-app marketplace PubNative has seen a 256% increase in revenue on APS. The catalyst for this was APS’s broad reach in 70 regions worldwide, combined with Verve’s global footprint and the differentiated demand Verve offers through its privacy-first and performance-centric platform.

The gift of sustainability: Making it easier for advertisers and publishers to give back

Verve sustainability efforts make it easier for advertisers and publishers to give back and create a more sustainable media industry

Unwrapping purposeful advertising: At Verve, our motto is “Let’s make media better,” and this holiday season, we’re taking it a step further. We believe that giving back should be more than a seasonal tradition — it should be a seamless part of our everyday practice. 

Verve’s commitment to a greener approach spans partnerships with organizations like Eden Reforestation Projects, innovative ad units with Givsly, curated inventory with a sustainability twist, and our collaborative efforts with Cedara to measure and reduce carbon emissions across the advertising supply chain. For us, “Let’s make media better” isn’t just a tagline — it’s a commitment to a greener, socially responsible, and better advertising ecosystem, 365 days a year.

6 reasons to connect with Verve at DMEXCO 2023

6 reasons to connect with Verve at DMEXCO 2023

Verve is back in Cologne for DMEXCO 2023! With so many exciting events, sessions, and speakers on the agenda, choosing how to spend your time at Europe’s premier digital marketing and tech expo and conference can be tricky. That’s why we’ve rounded up six top reasons it’s worth your while to spend some time with Verve while you’re in Cologne. 1. Supply is not enough.  To create quality ad experiences confidently, brands and advertisers need premium, trustworthy supply. Industry experts like Jounce Media and Pixalate have recently validated Verve’s exceptional mobile app and CTV supply. At DMEXCO 2023, we’ll talk about what “premium” really means, and what advertisers should expect from their supply partners. 2. Snag a free toolkit to navigate digital identity. Turn uncertainty into confidence to navigate an identifier-free future. Our free guide to understanding and choosing identity alternatives is a valuable tool for anyone in advertising or tech. It’s a roadmap to navigating conversations about identity confidently, whether it’s with internal stakeholders or potential vendors. (You can pick it up at Booth D-23 in Hall 7!) 3. Find out how and why to raise the bar for contextual targeting. Every contextual platform promises to place ads alongside relevant, recent content. But does every platform deliver? New research compared three contextual platforms in a head-to-head campaign. We’ll share the inside scoop on why the three solutions got very different results. 4. Get creative with #TheArtOfData app, our exclusive collaboration with Getty Images. Use the power of contextual to transform your moment into personalized digital art. Immerse yourself in #TheArtOfData, an interactive creative experience brought to you in partnership with Getty Images. You’ll also discover how brands can now engage consumers in high-profile cultural, sports, and entertainment-driven moments across the open internet with Visual Intent, a first-to-market partnership from Getty Images and Verve. 5. Discover contextual and CTV innovations in mobile user acquisition. Recapture iOS downloads and drive results — without relying on device IDs — with the world’s first fully transparent mobile DSP built for contextual. At DMEXCO 2023, we’ll also share innovative ways brands are using CTV to re-engage mobile users. 6. Meet our team! You can connect with dozens of Verve team members at DMEXCO 2023. We’ll have colleagues representing the whole range of our many solutions, including leadership from Verve, Smaato, Dataseat, and Match2One.  At DMEXCO 2023, Verve is excited to share our newest findings, resources, tools, and inspiration to make media better. Discover the latest innovations in contextual advertising, CTV, mobile, and much more. Let’s connect in Cologne! Find Verve at DMEXCO 2023! September 20-21Booth D-23 in Hall 7Cologne, Germany

Jounce Media and Pixalate recognize Verve’s programmatic excellence

Jounce Media and Pixalate recognize Verve for excellence in premium programmatic advertising supply chain transparency and supply-side trust

We’re embarking on the all-important back-to-school season, which can be a good indicator for how brands and marketers will spend in the coming months (check out this article to see how North American brands may fare).  While those of us in marketing, media, and related industries are constantly looking at numbers and forecasts, we are equally as focused on year-round learning and performance. And just like we did when we were young, we want that 100%, A+ or other mark that shows you perform at a high level. It’s one thing for Verve to grade itself as being at the top of the class; it’s another thing — and a better thing — when the experts of our industry tell us. With that in mind, here are two ad-tech “teachers” who gave Verve some great grades. Jounce Media Jounce Media is one of ad tech’s most authoritative voices in programmatic supply chain management. It is trusted by the world’s largest marketers, media companies, and advertising technology platforms to enable high efficiency programmatic trades. This July, Jounce Media released a benchmarking report that collected supply chain data across more than 1.3 million websites, 720,000 mobile apps, and 36,000 connected TV apps to more deeply understand the ways in which buyers and sellers transact with one another. The report showed that Verve is the leader in providing premium mobile app supply, ensuring quality ad experiences at a lower cost.  And if that wasn’t enough, Jounce Media also showed how and where Verve ranked in quality CTV supply. The report showed how Verve’s CTV quality is better than the competitive set with identical reach.    Pixalate Pixalate’s global ad fraud intelligence and marketing compliance platform helps prevent invalid traffic and improve ad inventory quality. Anyone who’s anyone in ad tech sees Pixalate’s SSP Market Share Reports — they rank programmatic advertising sell-side platforms (SSPs) by estimated market share for key CTV and mobile platforms.   In Pixalate’s Mobile Sell-Side Platform Market Share Q2 2023 Report, Verve led the entire North American market for both Google and Apple App Stores. This comes on the heels of Pixalate’s Mobile Sell-Side Platform Market Share Q1 2023 Report showing Verve leading North America with 12% market share for Android apps and EMEA with 13%. Verve is true to your school when it comes to delivering products and services that don’t just make the grade, but exceed expectations. Ask your Client Service Manager about what Verve can do for you.

Another year, another TrustRadius Award!

It always feels good when we get an award. It may be a trophy or a plaque. It may only be a sheet of paper stating the award. No matter the output, the deed that led to the award matters far more than the award itself.  When you receive an award from a team like TrustRadius, no trophy or material “thing” is needed. Knowing you did something to benefit others is far more important than merely doing what you’re paid to do.  And knowing we did something well for two years in a row?  Well, that deserves a discussion as to why it matters — to us and to you. The Tech Cares Award serves as a trust indicator for buyers in the tech community. When a company receives this recognition, it demonstrates a commitment to corporate social responsibility. Buyers can feel more confident and assured when considering products or services from these award-winning organizations. With this as a backdrop, here are Verve’s key areas of social corporate responsibility: Without going too deep into the award nomination, let’s just say that we provided TrustRadius plenty of reasons why we should be included in their company. These reasons included: Verve is honored to be connected with TrustRadius because we want clients to trust working with us. With organizations aligned to us like that, everyone wins.