Another year, another TrustRadius Award!

It always feels good when we get an award. It may be a trophy or a plaque. It may only be a sheet of paper stating the award. No matter the output, the deed that led to the award matters far more than the award itself. 

When you receive an award from a team like TrustRadius, no trophy or material “thing” is needed. Knowing you did something to benefit others is far more important than merely doing what you’re paid to do. 

And knowing we did something well for two years in a row?  Well, that deserves a discussion as to why it matters — to us and to you.

The Tech Cares Award serves as a trust indicator for buyers in the tech community. When a company receives this recognition, it demonstrates a commitment to corporate social responsibility. Buyers can feel more confident and assured when considering products or services from these award-winning organizations.

With this as a backdrop, here are Verve’s key areas of social corporate responsibility:

  • Volunteerism
  • Robust diversity, equity, and inclusion programs
  • Charitable donations and fundraising
  • Workplace culture, including model support for in-office and remote employees
  • Demonstrable support for environmental sustainability

Without going too deep into the award nomination, let’s just say that we provided TrustRadius plenty of reasons why we should be included in their company. These reasons included:

  • Verve donated more than 300 million impressions to run ads focusing on such issues as COVID-19 prevention, Black Lives Matter, Campaign Zero, and Team Rubicon, a veteran-led humanitarian organization. 
  • We donated funds to Project Drawdown to share that we stand with millions of others who want a real solution to climate change. 
  • We established Verve’s own Sustainability Committee with a vision of shaping sustainability in as many parts of our business operations as possible.

Verve is honored to be connected with TrustRadius because we want clients to trust working with us. With organizations aligned to us like that, everyone wins.

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