Advertisers participating in the Verve platform are required to adhere to this policy and applicable guidelines.


Prohibited: Not allowed under any circumstance.

Restricted: May be allowable when certain guidelines are met. Please consult your client services manager for further details.

Prohibited Content
Verve policy prohibits advertising that is, or could be viewed as controversial, illegal, derogatory, obscene, violent, offensive, racist, sexist, pornographic, demeaning, or that contains other content which could negatively impact the integrity and character of the Publisher.

In addition to the above, Verve prohibits ads with the following content or attributes:

Violence: Weapons, ammunition, firearms, gun ranges.

Smoking and illegal drugs: recreational or medical marijuana, smoking paraphernalia, e-cigarettes, vaping, tobacco, cigars.

Sexual, obscene, or pornographic material: adult, mature, and/or sexually-explicit products and services, gentlemen’s clubs, escort services, erotic bookstores, nudity, graphic language, and excessive profanity.

Dating services: online or otherwise.

Gambling: gambling establishments and websites, offshore gambling, casinos.

Cryptocurrency: cryptocurrencies and related products — including initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and trading advice services — binary options, and other unregulated investments.

Bail bonds: bail bond services and providers.

Ads promoting or facilitating illegal activities, deceptive practices or violations of the privacy rights of others.

Deceptive or misleading ads; ads that do not clearly indicate the advertised entity or that mislead customers.

Ads that resemble content without clearly stating it’s an ad or mentioning the advertiser’s name within the top header portion of the ad.

Colonizing ads that spawn additional windows or messages beyond the original advertising message.

Ads that shake or have flicker rates between 5–30 transitions per second. Ads with high frequency flickers or that violently shake can cause users with photosensitive epilepsy to have a seizure.

Restricted Content
Ads promoting the following may be allowable provided certain criteria are met:

Casinos with hotel and entertainment facilities.

State lottery.



Media companies or subsidiary media properties, such as broadcasting, publishing, and national news services.

Verve reserves the right to remove content we believe infringes upon the spirit and integrity of the above guidelines.

Ad Content Guidelines last updated: November 15, 2019

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