Recruitment Fraud

Phishing Scams from False Recruiters

Over the last few months, “spoofing” incidents have increased across many industries. This is a type of phishing attempt where cybercriminals use messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram to pose as a recruiter from a legitimate institution. They send messages to deceive people who may be looking for a job. The goal of such spoofing frauds is to entice unsuspecting targets to provide financial or personal information or to solicit payments seemingly related to the hiring process.

Verve Group takes recruitment fraud seriously and is taking steps to address it. Please note that all applications for available positions are managed through our official candidate portal at

If you are a candidate looking for a role within Verve Group, it’s important that you know the processes associated with how Verve Group and prospective candidates come together.

Communication with Talent Acquisition

  • Verve Group’s Talent Acquisition team will never reach out to candidates via WhatsApp, Telegram, or similar messaging platforms.
  • Our recruiters often contact candidates via LinkedIn. In addition to our internal Talent Acquisition team, we partner with external recruiters. However, all LinkedIn direct messages inviting candidates to apply will contain a link to the job application hosted on Recruitee to maintain candidate confidentiality. The application URL will always begin with
  • Any email communications will come from addresses ending in or
  • During the application process, we will not ask for any personal information unless it’s within our official candidate portal on
  • Our recruiters will never request payment from a candidate.

What to expect from the hiring and recruitment process

  • We will never offer a job without first conducting an interview. Depending on the position, we typically require several video or in-person interviews.
  • Before accepting an interview from Verve Group, verify that the recruiter’s email address ends in or If you have any questions, please email our Talent Acquisition team at moc.e1721471889vrev@1721471889gniti1721471889urcer1721471889.
  • Any formal job offer will be processed via Docusign.

What to do if you suspect if you have been the target of a recruiting fraud