Breaking Up

A Guide to the New World Order
Apple is expected to enforce IDFA opt-in beginning in Spring 2021. We have put together select resources and checklists to ensure your campaign and monetization plans are not disrupted.

‘Limit Ad Tracking’ Is the New Normal

Starting with iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5, and tvOS 14.5, apps are required to get permission from users through the AppTrackingTransparency framework to target them using the device identifier.

Here’s how you can stay prepared

For Publishers

Future-Proof Your App From Loss of Monetization and Compliance Risks

Checklist for iOS 14 transition

– List of SKAdNetwork IDs (JSON and XML)

– SKAdNetwork documentation

– iOS 14 revenue impact assessment calculator

– Opt-in optimization guide

For Advertisers

Take Steps To Safeguard Campaign Targeting KPIs

– Contextual and behavioral targeting

– Attribution via SKAdNetwork

– Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines on requesting permission

– Ionut Ciobotaru, CPO at Verve Group, on the anonymous and authenticated internet

– MMA video podcast “There Is No New Normal”

Is There a Better Alternative To IDFA?

Unlike identity solutions that require PII such as user email address, on-device audiences are built within a user’s device and are trusted by advertisers and publishers alike as the preferred alternative to IDFA based targeting.

✓ Built securely on the user device; anonymized and privacy-compliant.

✓ Based on contextual signals from device, app and advertising data.

✓ Uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to ensure targeting precision.

If you are interested in testing anonymized targeting or monetizing on-device audiences, do drop us an email at

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