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Visual Intent

An industry-first alliance to engage consumers in moments that matter.

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Engage Customers in Meaningful Moments

An exclusive offering for Verve Group clients, Visual Intent allows brands to engage consumers in highly desired cultural, sports and entertainment-focused moments across the open internet. It combines Getty Images’ resources with Verve Group’s Moments.AI™, allowing marketers to target relevant, brand-safe content in real-time with advertising placed adjacent to visual content from Getty Images.

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Capture Emotion and Attention of Every Iconic Moment

How Will Visual Intent Drive More Returns for Your Ad Campaigns?

Strengthen Brand Recall and Association

Brands will have their ads placed next to high-profile and trending imagery licensed from Getty Images, the world’s foremost visual experts and partner to many global events and celebrations.

Extend Brand Sponsorships to All Channels

Brands receive the opportunity to activate their sports or event sponsorship and promotions across channels, facilitating strong connections between consumers and the cultural references that bind them.

Create Greater Intent to Purchase

Sports and entertainment news is commonly viewed within the first 24 hours after publication. As a result, Moments.AI™ real-time targeting allows brands to place ads in the moments of peak interest as those advertising opportunities unfold.

What is Moments.AI™?

Moments.AI™ is Verve Group’s real-time contextual targeting solution that uses artificial intelligence to deliver ads against the most recent & relevant content. By analyzing content in real-time, brand marketers can reach consumers in meaningful moments with instant, precise, and brand-safe audience targeting.

Discover Visual Intent for your brand:

Sports Overview

Activate sports enthusiasts with trophy-worthy sports packages.

Entertainment Overview

Activate fans with award-winning entertainment packages.

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