An “ad-tech homonym” comes to life as Verve Group partners with Givsly

By Michael Shmarak
Snr. Director of Communications
August 22, 2023

While Cannes 2023 is in the rear-view mirror, I am feeling compelled to tap my creative mojo (if you need a little spark of creativity, yourself, give this application from Verve Group a try!)–and I am doing it using linguistics.  

Ad-tech has an underutilized homonym and homograph at its disposal, and we’re not using it enough.  For those Googling “homonym” or “homograph,” think about the different meanings of “row” (three of them), i.e., words that have the same spelling and/or pronunciation.

At Verve Group, change is on the horizon.  Thanks to a new partnership we started with Givsly, we are about to change how we think of an ad unit by giving change to those who need it.

Givsly’s Good Advertising solution will become integrated into the Verve Group platform, providing turnkey ways for brands to drive ad engagement while giving back to causes that matter.  Since opening its doors in January 2019, Givsly has led the charge (another homograph) to meet social and environmental expectations. 

Givsly’s platform has generated over $1.5 million impact to more than 400 nonprofit organizations. 

“Thanks to working with Givsly, we learned that 90% of consumers believe values are important when choosing a brand.  That resonates with our customers–and their customers,” said Shawna Harris, Director of Product of Verve Group.  “With Givsly, Verve Group now has a mechanism for marketers to support nonprofits important to their brand.  Marketers working with us can easily integrate donation messaging into static, rich media, video, and CTV creatives without making creative adjustments.”

What’s more, Harris noted that Givsly’s platform can help drive higher ad engagement, increased customer loyalty and the ability for a brand to respond more quickly to moments of need.

“Brands have the opportunity to showcase their contribution to society using their programmatic advertising strategy,” said Givsly’s CEO, Chad Hickey. “We’re eager to see where and how Verve Group can generate meaningful impact.”

(We knew we liked Givsly–”Impact” is a GREAT homonym and homograph!)

Meanwhile, reach out to your Verve Group Business Development representative for more information.

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