This holiday season, think about how your ad spend affects climate change

By Michael Shmarak
Snr. Director of Communications
December 21, 2022

Climate change has an undeniable effect on ALL of our daily lives. And yet, when people in the ad tech sector are asked, “What are YOU doing that is affecting climate change?” many people in our line of work can’t answer the question without reverting back to their marketing teams.

Iva Parvanova and Mike Glover are NOT those people.  

In their respective roles, Iva and Mike share their passions for helping clients maximize their business impact.  But you can also listen to how each of them feels our industry can make a lasting impact on this earth of ours.

Iva is a founding member of AdTechCares, and Mike has played an active role in its growth in his role at PubNative (now part of Verve Group).  

If you’re not familiar with AdTechCares, it first started in early 2020 to elevate awareness and combat misinformation about a host of issues affecting us all.  Its initial efforts invited media partners to contribute impressions to a series of ads focused on COVID mitigation and prevention. The ads promoted messages from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through video, connected TV, DOOH, and audio. Since then, AdTechCares has helped address other hot-button issues driven by Black Lives Matter and global vaccinations.

Thanks to people like Iva and Mike, Verve Group is a proud member of the AdTechCares coalition, alongside 50 other industry partners.  Since May 2021, Verve Group has contributed 350 million impressions, accounting for nearly $200,000 worth of inventory. And thanks to our partners -– like GeoEdge, whose technology we use to stop malicious ads from reaching our supply partners –- we not only have access to vast inventory pools, but we have more assurance that our messages are being heard.

Ad Tech’s Role in Combating Climate Change

One issue that continues to challenge AdTechCares is the environment.  So Verve Group is going to keep on pushing in ways it knows how. Verve Group is increasing its inventory contribution for causes relevant to making the environment more accessible, more safe and more accountable for everyone.  

AdTechCares’ latest cause is Project Drawdown. Founded in 2014, Project Drawdown® seeks to help the world reach “drawdown”—the future state when greenhouse gas levels stop climbing and start declining steadily.  Since the 2017 publication of New York Times-bestselling Drawdown, the organization has emerged as a leading resource for information and insight about climate solutions.

Verve Group CTV served nearly 400,000 media impressions since November. Why? Quite simply, Verve Group generates a certain amount of CO2 by using powerful data centers, and it is our responsibility to find ways to manage the outputs from these centers…but our work won’t stop there.  

Making Media Better

In 2023, Verve Group is launching a company-wide Sustainability Committee that will tackle obvious and not-so-obvious challenges. Sure, we’ll talk about carbon offsets, but we’re also thinking about how ad-tech can help keep forests from being torn down.  We’re talking about how ad-tech has a responsibility to train a new generation of workers who combine sustainability and technology together.  And there’s more where that came from. 

As I think about MY contribution from my desk, I come back to Verve Group’s tagline: ”Let’s Make Media Better.”  “Better” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.  For me, “Better” means I am thinking about ways to help protect our planet so that future generations benefit.

And I’ll be listening to people like Iva and Mike to make that happen.

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