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Verve’s in-app marketplace drives 256% revenue uplift on APS

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Verve, one of the fastest-growing SSPs for mobile and connected TV and a part of Media and Games Invest, is excited to share the strong performance of its in-app marketplace PubNative on Amazon Publisher Services (APS), according to a recent case study published by APS.

Verve’s PubNative is a privacy-first, performance-centric in-app marketplace offering programmatic solutions for publishers and advertisers. PubNative enables non-intrusive, buffer-free ads that suit publishers’ app context and users and also provides stringent in-app safety measures and levers that guarantee creatives of the highest quality.


In 18 months, Verve’s in-app marketplace PubNative has seen a 256% increase in revenue on APS. The catalyst for this was APS’s broad reach in 70 regions worldwide, combined with Verve’s global footprint and the differentiated demand Verve offers through its privacy-first and performance-centric platform.

Amazon Publisher Services is a cloud-based solution that helps tens of thousands of publishers, including the majority of Comscore top 250 publishers, monetize their high-quality digital media inventory. APS also works with select programmatic buyers, such as Verve’s mobile in-app marketplace, PubNative. Publishers active on APS can also sell their inventory through PubNative, which provides additional high-quality mobile demand.

Collaboration and continued growth

Bryan Everett, Global Head of Third-Party Demand, APS, commented, “The global growth we’ve seen from PubNative is testament to the differentiated demand they deliver through their performance-centric in-app marketplace, which continues to drive publisher value with every new connection.”

Sameer Sondhi, CEO, Verve, added, “Working with Amazon Publisher Services has been invaluable to PubNative, extending its reach among publishers and offering a top-tier, reliable and user-friendly service. We are pleased with the collaboration with APS over the past 18 months and the positive results we have achieved. While the market environment remains challenging overall, this case study demonstrates our ability to grow even in challenging economic conditions.”

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