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Case Studies

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    In order to deliver Goodwill’s powerful message to the right audience, Verve developed four custom audiences as identified by social listening chatter, and geo-fenced Goodwill locations.

  • Mid-size Sedan

    While consumers on mobile were more likely to visit the landing page, consumers on tablets were more likely to view the video.

  • Hollywood Blockbuster

    Targeted moviegoers were engaged by creative messaging via expandable video at the moment of ticket purchase.

  • Sephora

    Build awareness and drive sales for Sephora’s new and must-try first at Sephora eye and face palettes for brands such as Natasha Denona, Urban Decay, Tarte, etc.

  • Global Discount Supermarket Chain

    Three targeting tactics were identified through a combination of audience targeting, app targeting, and geo-conquesting.

  • Cetaphil®

    Verve developed a weather triggered ad that dynamically displayed when certain conditions were met, and displayed the nearest Cetaphil retailers on a map.

  • Auto Model Launch

    Verve built a custom audience segment of auto intenders and also re-targeted auto-show attendees.

  • Luxury Watch Brand

    Verve built an affluent consumer segment and also geo-fenced the new store in order to deliver the ad to consumers who would be most interested.

  • Action Sports Brand

    Consumers within close proximity of the retailer saw a banner or interstitial ad featuring a dollar-off or buy-get offer.

  • International Quick-Service Restaurant

    Consumers near the brand’s restaurants and its competitors were targeted at radii of 1, 5, or 10 miles. The average visit lift was almost 25%.

  • Action Film

    With both average time spent in-ad and video completion rate exceeding benchmark, the ad successfully drew in potential moviegoers to learn more.

  • Juice Brand

    Verve identified a segment based on social chatter around fruits, vegetables, philanthropy, and exercise, and also geo-fenced retailers who sold the juice.

  • Candy and Cereal Brand

    ‘Back to school’ moms drove one of the lowest cost per visits, and the highest incremental store-visit lift.

  • Baby Detergent Brand

    The creative was designed to engage moms by addressing their concerns, and were delivered in Spanish and English.

  • Casual Dining Restaurant

    Targeting frequent diners and re-targeting competitors’ clientele resulted in the highest visitation lift.

  • Haircare Brand

    Penetration was a key driver, with more of the exposed households purchasing the brand, and likely impacted by competitive conquesting.

  • Crabbie's® Ginger Beer

    Targeting the right customers and engaging them with an innovative ad unit generated high incremental foot traffic at a low cost.

  • Luxury Department Store

    Geo-conquesting competitive locations with an audience target of females ages 25-54 yielded the greatest lifts.

  • Avocados from Mexico®

    Relevant in-the-moment delivery leads to higher engagement among customers in-store making purchase decisions.

  • Krispy Kreme®

    Users spent nearly as much time engaging with the Krispy Kreme offer as they would a standard 30 second TV spot.