Increased revenue and brand safety leave iFunny smiling

October 18, 2023

A good laugh is the name of the game for iFunny, the humor-based website and mobile app built by Cyprus-based FunCorp. iFunny publishes user-submitted content and memes, including images, videos, and GIFs.


A client of Verve Group since 2017, iFunny initially challenged Verve Group to drive new revenues by connecting with new customers around the globe.

iFunny has a high volume of banner traffic, and they have multiple integrations with Verve Group:

  • Header bidding (Prebid)
  • Applovin/ MAX mediation (MAX)
  • Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace Network (TAM)

iFunny had previously recognized a high amount of “reported ads” on Google. Users had flagged these ads as irrelevant or not applicable.


Using its PubNative SSP solution, Verve Group managed to grow each of iFunny’s channels without cannibalizing one over another. This variety helps iFunny optimize revenue generation and maximize its desired returns.

Verve Group also isolated gaps in iFunny’s ad units to maximize brand safety and customer protection, leading to a better ad experience for users.


iFunny may be humorous at heart, but the results of FunCorp’s partnership with Verve Group are seriously impressive.

  • 840% revenue growth
    (year-over-year, 2021)
  • 155% revenue growth
    (year-over-year, 2022)
  • 18% eCPM yield increase
    (Q4 2022 vs. Q1 2023)
  • 77% increase in ad impressions
    (Q4 2022 vs. Q1 2023)
  • 16% growth in ARPDAU
    (average value per daily active user)
  • 30% decrease in negative ad-related user feedback

Verve Group generates the second-most revenue for Prebid (out of 17 partners) and the third-most revenue generation for MAX (out of 16 partners). Additionally, iFunny has seen a significant increase in quality reinforcement, resulting in a 30% decrease in negative ad-related feedback from users over 2022.

“Through successful work with Verve Group, we have consistently achieved outstanding results, optimizing revenue generation and providing seamless integration. By leveraging robust reporting and analytics, ensuring inventory quality and brand safety, and delivering responsive support, we have established a track record of success. With a mindset of innovation and adaptability, we continue to drive forward, staying ahead of industry trends and delivering exceptional results for FunCorp and our users.”

Sergei Efimov

Chief Revenue Officer, FunCorp


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