New inventory boosts daily revenue 56X for AppStock


AppStock integrated with Verve’s in-app exchange, PubNative, in mid-2022. In the process, Verve uncovered a pool of untapped demand. This unused demand needed premium, high-performing supply.

AppStock values building long-term relationships in the advertising ecosystem. Partnering with Verve opened an opportunity to target buyers on a range of premium apps that complement Appstock’s marketing reach and scale. 


AppStock leveraged its integration with PubNative to unlock exclusive supply from Verve, reaching diverse, engaged audiences worldwide. The team used a phased test-and-learn approach to add new ad formats and enter new geos. Post-bid monitoring ensured brand safety and prevented invalid traffic (IVT).

AppStock gave Verve firsthand access to its new campaigns, allowing Verve to customize configurations to benefit everyone involved.

Above all, proactive communication and developing a deep understanding of both AppStock and Verve’s platforms were key to success.


Case study results - AppStock x Verve monetization
  • 56X avg. daily revenue increase
    (pre-partnership vs. Dec. 2023)
  • 303% more impressions
  • 168% avg. daily revenue increase
  • 70% more impressions

“We were pleasantly surprised with the quality of traffic and with the varied range of publishers that we are receiving from Verve. We quickly saw an uptick in revenue, and we were able to grow our business in new ways. We cannot wait to see what the future holds working with Verve.”

Moshiko Ben-Harush, Director of Business Development, AppStock

About AppStock

AppStock is a state-of-the-art mobile app monetization platform and programmatic exchange that connects buyers with the best inventory on the global market. AppStock supports the industry’s widest range of mobile app formats, partnering with many of the most prominent brands in the global marketplace.

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