Connecting DSPs to High-Quality Audiences

Bid Confidently on a Brand-Safe Marketplace

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Global, High-Quality Supply

With 4,000+ directly integrated publishers and apps, we offer premium global supply across 1.4+ billion unique monthly devices. As a neutral exchange, you are ensured diverse inventory from premium app categories — such as news, sports, social, entertainment, weather, and gaming — across popular ad formats including banner, interstitial video, and native.

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Precision Targeting Made Simple

Access to first-party SDK data ensures that our bid stream is rich and your targeting is precise and accurate. Activate your campaigns on our prebuilt cloud-based audience segments with device identifiers or target our custom, anonymized on-device audience segments (no device identifiers or PII). 

Powerful RTB Tech. Efficient Bids. 
Better Results.

Power your bid decisioning with advanced audience intelligence and increase your efficiency with smart algorithms that reduce your infrastructure costs.

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Seamlessly target or extend campaign reach on global first-party audiences across mobile, CTV, and DOOH screens. 


Powerful supply shaping algorithms ensure better win rates and reduce wastage on low value impressions.


Directly sourced inventory guarantees the most optimal supply path to every impression opportunity while maximizing working media.

High Quality

Benefit from our stringent app onboarding policies, automated fraud detection,  built-in viewability, and compliance to leading quality standards.


Activate reserved deals targeting curated audience segments and exclusive inventory packages on our Private Marketplace.

Combine Technology With Best-in-Class Buying Experience

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Growth Strategists

Profit from global experience and industry-leading response times delivered by our dedicated account managers.

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In-house Creative Services

Leverage our in-house creative designers to build and optimize bespoke ads for your advertisers.

Safe, Transparent, and Trusted by Buyers

Compliant to CCPA, GDPR, and COPPA
Supporting IAB Open Measurement
TAG Certified Against Fraud

Traffic Quality and Measurement Partners

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