Anonymized Targeting on Mobile (ATOM)

Achieve 100% addressability without mobile IDs

Breakthrough on-device processing made for app advertisers and publishers. Regain targeting for campaigns and monetize every impression, ensuring no user goes unnoticed.

Over 75% of iPhone users have opted out of tracking

It’s increasingly difficult for marketers to target iPhone users, and it’s likely that Android users will encounter similar issues. Tighter controls on identifying users are impacting monetization, targeting, measurement, and attribution.

The industry-first solution, now with global scale

ATOM 3.0 monitors app usage patterns anonymously and enriches the ad requests of the ad SDK of the app with relevant cohorts at a time. The enriched ad requests can be targeted by a DSP when a campaign includes selected cohorts. This breakthrough technology is now available at scale thanks to Verve’s industry-leading SDK network.
  • Increase your eCPMs and boost ad revenue on ID-less users
  • Build a new stream of revenue from direct sales using ATOM cohorts
  • Uncover more insights of your users and their behavior with cohort-level reporting
  • Ensure your marketing spends reach 100% of your target consumers, even in the absence of IDs and cookies
  • Retain global scale on key audience segments relevant to brand building and prospecting
  • Ensure marketing compliance to all privacy regulations
  • Identify users through enriched bid stream signaling, in the absence of IDs
  • Improve ROAS and reduce eCPI in the absence of IDs
  • Uncover insights of your target users and their app behavior with cohort-level intelligence

Regained app monetization and campaign performance

ATOM 3.0’s powerful capabilities extend to app growth and monetization objectives in an ID-less world.


ATOM 3.0 is a breakthrough mobile technology that generates on-device cohorts for data-safe targeting and monetization on mobile. No PIIs or identifiers whatsoever are used.

On-device and real time

Generated on device, using freshest data signals that reflect what’s happening at the moment.

Secure and private

No device data is stored or processed externally. Cohorts are aggregated.

Robust targeting

Uses cutting-edge machine learning/AI computing models to ensure cohort relevancy and efficacy.

Campaign scale

SDK-powered, offering cohort reach and scale on our global publisher inventory.

Free of cost

Available programmatically; no added fees to buyers or sellers.

Generate precise cohorts for targeting in real time

ATOM 3.0 packs powerful artificial intelligence computing models right within the user’s device. The model processes device signals and real-world context of users to predict user traits and classify them to drive better conversions, while ensuring all data stays securely within the user device.

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