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Contextual advertising with precision, speed, and ease for the open internet.

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Reach consumers with accuracy and speed

Visual content analysis, keywords, semantics, meta tags, and more are all analyzed and assigned a confidence score within 10 milliseconds. With Verve Group’s breakthrough data processing technology, reach consumers in meaningful moments to align with your brand’s values.

Identify and capture attention

Lean in to the most important currency for a marketer — attention. Move away from clicks and optimize towards consumer attention in moments that matter. Maximize marketing outcomes by fine-tuning campaigns at any time towards desired metrics.

Optimize campaigns towards these attention metrics


How strongly does the context index towards the segment definition?

Brand Safety

Is the content in line with the GARM Brand Safety + Suitability Framework?


How much time do consumers spend on the ad units?


Is the content positive, neutral or negative?


How long ago was the content published?


What are the viewability rates on the ad units?

Get ready for the future with a tried and tested solution

Pioneered over five years to take on the rigors of GDPR, benefit from a results-driven alternative to cookies and identifiers. Get ahead of the game and future-proof your campaigns by moving towards a consumer-centric, privacy-first advertising ecosystem.

Keep Your Campaigns Brand-Safe, Always

Reach consumers confidently with natural language processing algorithms across 700+ IAB segments and 11 GARM Brand Safety Floor + Suitability Framework segments.

Start targeting audience segments instantly and with ease

Standard Segments

Choose from 700+ IAB interest segments, 11 GARM brand safety segments, and a library of other contextual segments.

Custom Segments

Mix and match standard segments to create bespoke segments that work for your campaign goals.

Guaranteed Outcomes

Segments delivered via fully managed service campaigns focused on your KPIs and delivered by our growth experts. Reach out to us to find out more.

Trusted by top global brands and agencies

Capture Consumer Attention, Maintain Privacy

Introducing Moments.AI™, a new way to run contextual advertising campaigns on the open internet with precision, speed, and ease.

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