The Future Is Now


ATOM, or Anonymized Targeting on Mobile, is a pioneering approach to privacy-first targeting built exclusively for in-app advertisers and publishers.

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The industry’s first anonymized and on-device audience targeting solution for mobile marketers.

Pioneering, Privacy-First Technology

ATOM enables marketers to continue reaching the right audiences without compromising on privacy.


Audiences are built securely on the user’s mobile device


Uses proprietary ML and AI algorithms to ensure efficacy


Layers device, app, and ad interaction data with no PII/IDFA


100% anonymized and privacy-compliant

ATOM Converts Your Black Box of Unknown Users to Addressable Audiences

Look Inside the World of ATOM

ATOM is open for private beta testing. Advertisers interested in extending campaign budgets to test on-device audience targeting or publishers evaluating on-device audience monetization can get started without any operational overheads or paperwork.

Sign up for the beta program and download our product guide to learn how ATOM works.