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Welcome to the hub! Check out these quality, brand-safe inventory packages to extend your reach.

Verve Group offers curated, brand-safe inventory packages to make precision targeting easy. Open deals bundle inventory by type (like sports or weather) or by KPI (like viewability or video completion rate). Marketers can bid on package deals to increase their reach by vertical, and can even add additional targeting criteria to any Pre-Packaged Deal.

Key Benefits

Global reach
Privacy compliant
Contextual targeting
Granular targeting through Deal IDs
Hand curated & fully customizable
Constantly refreshed
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Travel Pre-Packaged Deals


Gaming Pre-Packaged Deals


Shopping Pre-Packaged Deals


Additional deals and ad formats, including custom deals, are available. These deals are constantly refreshed and new deals are added regularly. Talk to your account manager to learn more about these deals, site lists, and included inventory.

Ready to activate these deals?

Pre-packaged deals make it easy to access all kinds of inventory and offer a privacy-compliant way to reach audiences around the world. DPSs and marketers can drive performance without compromising user experience or privacy. Contact us to learn more.

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