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Experience programmatic activation that’s modular, rapid, and affordable.

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100% Customizable
Transparent Pricing
Privacy-Centric Buying
Local Focus, Global Scale

One Size Does Not Fit All

No two media planners or buyers are alike. Your budget, objectives, data assets, creatives, targeting, and reporting are different. Therefore, we offer the flexibility to customize a DSP to your campaign needs and operational outcomes with additional modules and flexible APIs to build the DSP that fits your goals.

Intuitive Campaign Management UI

Image illustrating graph
Customizable bidder
Flexible data onboarding
Local supply and integrations
Customizable reporting stacks
Custom billing integrations

From Discovery to Purchase, Plan and Deliver Outcomes at Every Step

From Discovery to Purchase, Plan and Deliver outcomes at every step.

Plan - Illustration of the UI of a DSP on a laptop


Multi-Screen Planning

Unify your marketing budget optimally, across all devices and digital channels. Streamline your brand presence through key decision stages in the customer journey.

Campaign Types
  • Branding
  • User acquisition
  • Retargeting
  • Performance
  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • CTV
  • DOOH
Buying Model
  • Programmatic guaranteed
  • Private marketplace
  • Open marketplace


Effortless Media and Data Activation

Activate your first-party CRM data and people-based graphs from identity partners, or use our proprietary audiences at scale across channels and on any media format of your choice.

  • Display
  • Video
  • Native
  • Audio
Data Activation
  • First-Party CRM
  • Identity graphs
  • Proprietary audiences
Activate - Illustration of the UI of a DSP on a laptop

Optimize - Illustration of the UI of a DSP on a laptop


AI-Powered Optimization

Access high-quality media sourced through direct publisher relationships on our omnichannel marketplaces. Automate inventory management and execute your guaranteed or non-guaranteed cross-channel spends with confidence.

  • Viewability
  • Video completion rate
  • Creative optimization

Privacy-Centric Audiences That Beat Cookies and Identifiers

Get a complete range of privacy-centric audiences built from consented data signals and curated from our first-party and third-party inventory sources.

Time and day
Operating system
Device type and model
Data segments
Video size
Above the fold
Frequency capping

Powered by Outcome-Driven, Glass Box AI

Decision Engine
Automated prediction models and decision logic, combined with a custom bidder, continually optimize towards outcomes to maximize your return
Analytics Engine
Log-level data, combined with powerful analytics, tells you what drives conversions and where you can further optimize
Fraud Defense
Robust, quality frameworks and partnerships prevent any instances of fraud, safeguarding every dollar spent


No Matter What Your Goals Are, We Have a Solution

When it comes to driving campaign results, it’s critical to have proven solutions that have helped brands capture the attention of their audiences globally.

Here’s How Leading Brands Deliver Success With Verve

Hövding Increases Sales by 30% With First Programmatic DOOH Campaign With Verve Group

Turkish Airlines Increases Engagement With Intercontinental DOOH Campaign

How Toyota Used Programmatic OOH to Give Hybrid Car Sales a Huge Boost

Otrinatura Embarks On a
Cross-Channel Campaign With Verve Group

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Verve DSP is a modular and flexible programmatic buying suite offering brands and agencies a multitude of solutions to reach their audiences.

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