More formats, more revenue: Interstitial ads drive growth for Opera Ads

April 22, 2024
Opera Ads - Success Story

revenue growth for video formats

revenue growth from new demand

fill rate increase


As mobile usage climbs, publishers’ monetization strategies are evolving to meet brands’ demand for impactful full-screen and video ad formats. As a privacy pioneer, Opera has always been ahead of the curve in delivering user-centered digital experiences. In 2023, Opera Ads decided to explore new interstitial ad formats. Additionally, recent enhancements to Verve Group’s video offerings created an opportunity for Opera Ads to benefit from increased demand for video formats.


Opera Ads activated interstitial ad formats, diversifying its revenue streams and driving significant growth. Between Opera Ads’ in-house optimizations and increased demand from Verve Group’s exchange, Opera Ads began seeing sizable growth in fill rates, bid rates, and revenue in their video ad formats as well.

In addition to unlocking the new revenue stream from interstitial ads, Verve Group ensured that Opera Ads wasn’t missing any demand opportunities. Collaboration between the teams at Opera and Verve Group involved a comprehensive review and optimization of Opera Ads’ DSP enablements, along with the whitelisting of new demand. Because Verve Group frequently adds partners to its demand portfolio, this sets the stage for continuous growth for Opera Ads.


Introducing interstitials and optimizing video ad formats reshaped Opera Ads’ revenue. 

  • 717% revenue growth for video (July vs. December, 2023)
  • 436% revenue growth for interstitial ads (QoQ, 2023)
  • 43%  higher fill rate
  • 31%  higher bid rate
  • 109% more revenue from new demand

Even better, the new ad format didn’t cannibalize the other formats Opera Ads already offered.

Opera Ads' video format revenue increased 717% from July 2023 to December 2023.
“Verve Group found us more ways to capture more revenue in ways that we have never seen before. As we continue to grow, we will rely on Verve Group to find more ways for us to grow and prosper.”

Marcio de Barros

VP AdTech, EMEA & Americas – Opera

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