Verve acquires Jun Group to scale premium mobile ads and connected TV for brands and agencies

Press release: Advertising leader Verve’s latest acquisition, valued $185 million (approx. €170 million), also bolsters digital audio solutions, engaging ad formats, and AI optimization.

Verve acquires Jun Group

Tapping into premium ad inventory and high-impact ad formats just got easier for brands and agencies now that Verve, a leading ad solutions suite for emerging channels, has acquired New York-based Jun Group, a mobile-first digital advertising technology company that delivers intelligent, privacy-first advertising for brands, agencies, and publishers for €170 million. Jun Group has a 20-year history, boasting strong relationships with Fortune 500 advertisers in North America. Acquired by Advantage Solutions in 2018, the company grossed $80 million in revenue in 2023.

Through the acquisition, Verve will expand its direct access to brands and agencies. Brands and agencies will benefit from the industry-leading scale of Verve’s mobile and connected TV (CTV) business, coupled with Jun Group’s premium mobile inventory, highly engaging formats, and white-glove media services. The transaction will result in a more balanced sales model with 30% demand-side business and 70% supply-side business and will boost the size and profitability of Verve, increasing revenue by circa 23% on an expected pro forma basis for the full year 2024.

“Over the past few years, we have built Verve into a strong, organically growing media company with a primary focus on the advertising supply side. With Jun Group, we are strengthening the demand side, which will enable us to achieve significant synergies,” said Remco Westermann, CEO of Verve. “With a better balance between supply and demand, we can further increase transparency and efficiency for our clients, both publishers and advertisers, in line with our mission of ‘Let’s make media better.’ This acquisition takes Verve to the next level, both operationally and in terms of growth and profitability, while reducing leverage.”

Verve was formed to unite leading advertising technologies and services in one combined offering. The aim is to drive better outcomes for advertisers and publishers backed by responsible media in emerging channels. The commitment to responsible media includes owning or accessing brand-safe, high-quality media inventory, underpinned by years of privacy-by-design technology development.

“I am thrilled about Jun Group joining forces with Verve. This acquisition marks an exciting new chapter for both companies. By combining our strengths, we are uniquely positioned to deliver unparalleled value to our clients. The synergy between Jun Group’s demand-side capabilities and Verve’s robust supply-side platform will create a powerhouse in the advertising technology space,” said Mishel Alon, CEO, Jun Group. “Together, we will drive innovation, enhance transparency, and set new industry standards. I am confident that our united efforts will not only foster growth and profitability but also reinforce our shared commitment to making media better for everyone.”

With Jun Group as part of Verve, Verve gains a talented team of approximately 90 dedicated professionals and a highly experienced management team committed to the company’s continued growth and success. Mishel Alon, CEO of Jun Group, will stay on board and continue to lead their team under the Verve umbrella, ensuring continuity and fostering a culture of innovation.

About Verve

Verve Group SE (Ticker: VER) is a fast-growing, profitable digital media company that provides AI-driven ad-software solutions. Verve matches global advertiser demand with publisher ad-supply, enhancing results through first-party data from its own content. Aligned with our mission, “Let’s make media better,” the company focuses on enabling better outcomes for brands, agencies, and publishers with responsible advertising solutions, with an emphasis on emerging media channels. Verve’s main operational presence is in North America and Europe, and it is registered as a Societas Europaea in Sweden (registration number 517100-0143). Its shares are listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market in Stockholm and the Scale segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The company has three secured bonds listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Open Market. Verve’s certified advisor on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market is FNCA Sweden AB; contact info: es.ac1721454168nf@of1721454168ni1721454168.

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