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Verve DSP + Adelaide Metrics - Attention Targeting for Programmatic Buys

Across the ad tech industry, attention has emerged as the new, alternative validation of media performance. Adelaide Metrics is leading the game with its Attention Unit index and the tech behind it. 

Using a mix of signals collected and analyzed in real time, Adelaide predicts attention for each site/placement, ultimately also predicting media quality. The ability to target based on attention gives advertisers new leverage to drive better business outcomes per advertising spend.

How Verve DSP enables attention targeting for advertisers

For advertisers partnering with Verve, integrating Verve DSP with Adelaide unlocks this alternative way of targeting. Verve DSP uses Adelaide’s technology to offer targeting based on the ad placement’s attention score (Low, Medium, or High).

Attention targeting in Verve DSP
  • Geo: This targeting is now available both in North America and Europe
  • Channels: Currently, Adelaide attention targeting is available on mobile, desktop, and in-app. CTV capabilities will be added in the future.
  • To activate for your ad campaign: if you’re already a Verve client, please contact your account manager. If you are not a Verve client yet, get in touch with our team.

Benefits of attention targeting

Adelaide evaluates hundreds of attention signals to uncover valuable optimization opportunities, including pockets of inventory that are higher quality with lower cost

The insights into media quality allow for media advertising comparisons across placements and channels.
Advertisers are enabled to shift spend from low quality placements to ones that actually capture consumer attention, thus driving better outcomes per ad spend.

Using attention targeting to optimize ad spend in Verve DSP

The most straightforward use case is about enabling attention targeting on Verve DSP. 

This adds increased granularity as a targeting layer on top of brand safety, fraud security, and optionally viewability:

Attention Targeting + Moments.AITM  

Attention targeting can also be paired with Verve’s own contextual targeting solution, Moments.AITM.

Adelaide’s attention targeting benefits from Moments.AI’s ability to evaluate and target new content in real time, thus matching media buyers with brand-safe content faster than any similar contextual solution in the industry.

Can advertisers target based on attention metrics instead of viewability metrics? 

Yes, this might be possible, too. Adelaide’s tests with clients across industries have shown better results for campaigns using attention targeting compared to ones with viewability targeting, so we might be looking at a viable alternative.

For example, in a campaign for a leading CPG client’s yogurt brand, Adelaide found the correlation between Attention Units to ROI to be 180% higher than that of viewability to ROI. (Source: Adelaide)

Results from one of Adelaide’s healthcare clients showed that optimizing based on Attention Units rather than viewability led to 77% greater impact on brand perception and 85% greater impact on familiarity. (Source: Adelaide.)

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