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#AVA learns how to leverage influencers using Moments.AI

#AVA, or "Ask Verve Anything" is here to answer all questions programmatic and Verve!

If you follow Verve’s blog (we encourage you to do so!), you have read about the power of Moments.AI, our really cool contextual targeting platform, and our partnership with Getty Images for our Visual Intent solution.

Moments.AI technology activates against content that has just been published across the open internet, in real time. That content can reach consumers in the meaningful moments to align with a brand’s values. And more and more, brands value the power of influencers to generate attention during those moments.

In its simplest form, brands use influencer marketing to promote products by leveraging the social media presence of an individual to increase brand exposure. More and more, brands have tapped the power of influencers to become more aligned with discussions that consumers want to see about the brands they love.

But what if you could contextually target conversations around key moments and images using the influencers that a brand works with? That was something that our newest marketing teammate, #AVA, learned talking with Rebecca Rose, Head of Clients (EMEA). She explained that brands can use influencers — especially those with celebrity and star-power — to anticipate upcoming events and buzz-worthy moments via keywords, phrases — and, most recently, images, thanks to Verve’s exclusive partnership with Getty Images.

Star Power Can Drive Influencer Moments

Rebecca described a recent contextual advertising program leveraging the combined star power of a really well-known high end fashion brand and a REALLY well-known celebrity who wears this designer’s clothes. (We can’t tell you who either is — we’re sworn to secrecy!) The program targeted keywords, phrases and images centered around pop culture and fashion. Whenever the brand appeared at fashion showcases, award shows or “high-society” events, Verve could match an ad with a publisher that’s already showing information about the event. 

But Rebecca went on to tell #AVA that influencers and moments can form deeper connections with the customers that brands covet by using a series of digital activation points:

  • Screens in shopping centers
  • Highly trafficked transportation centers such as train stations and airports
  • Highly visible digital billboards in fashion-centric cities like New York, Paris, Milan, and London

How Brands and Publishers Can Use Influencer Moments

Rebecca and the whole Verve team believe that any brand or publisher can harness the power of these “influencer moments” by following some simple steps:

  • Engage with your fans in real time to learn about the moments that matter to them. That way, your actions will allow you to place ads in the moments of their peak interest.
  • Listen to the moments that matter to your audience — and not just what you think those moments are. 
  • Create “experience maps.” Think about where fans are when the moments happen. Are they at home? With friends? Shopping? Socializing
  • Look at all your digital and visual resources to form meaningful connections.

Can Rebecca and her team help you capture the influencer moments that matter for your brand? Shoot her a note and tell her that #AVA sent you!

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