Moments that matter to customers and brands aren’t that different. Verve and Getty Images are working together to better capture them.

Real-time contextual targeting is a breakthrough in programmatic advertising; Getty Images and Verve are the first to make it happen.

When you sit at the epicenter of representing more than 160,000 news, sport and entertainment events per year, you know a thing or two about pivotal moments. They may include our favorite sports teams, pop culture icons, or world leaders and events, but there is a REALLY good chance that the photographers and photojournalists from Getty Images were there to capture all of them.

When you are a marketer, appreciating the value of these moments matters more than ever.  Not only are media outlets naturally attracted to these events, but so are the customers of these events and outlets.

This provides a backdrop why Verve was eager to work with Getty Images to launch Visual Intent. Working together, Verve and Getty Images can show brands how to best engage consumers in highly desired cultural, sports, and entertainment-focused moments across the open internet.

Being first matters…

Visual Intent combines Getty Images’ imagery and metadata with Verve’s Moments.AI™, our next-generation contextual marketing platform. An industry first, this integration allows marketers to target relevant, brand-safe content in real-time with advertising placed adjacent to owned visual content from Getty Images. 

Here’s the best part: Verve is the first global data platform to directly enable advertising next to visual content from Getty Images, solidifying its position as a prominent and trusted partner in the space of visual contextual targeting. 

“Whether it be soccer and Heineken, football and Gatorade, auto racing and Mercedes or fashion and L’Oreal, brands, properties, and their passionate consumers, are naturally drawn together,” said Raman Sidhu, SVP, EMEA Sales & Global Partnerships of Verve. “Given Verve’s knowledge, scale and capacity working within the sports and entertainment sectors, we designed Visual Intent with a vision of helping brands in these arenas facilitate strong connections between consumers and the cultural references that bind them.”

This opportunity is a win-win for all parties involved, but it particularly makes sense about where the future of advertising is headed.

“A picture has always been worth a thousand words, and now we think it can also enhance the value of a thousand ad impressions,” said Mike Zarrilli, Senior Director of Global Strategic Development at Getty Images. “Getty Images is excited to partner with Verve on Visual Intent, aligning Verve’s real-time ad technology with our stellar global editorial content and robust metadata. This initiative will enable marketers to further activate their brand initiatives and deepen passion-point connections with desired consumer bases, while simultaneously supporting our vital publisher partnerships.”

…and the right partner matters, too.

Zarrilli explained that while Getty Images is able to distribute stories, and has metadata connected to its content, a trusted technology partner in the ad space would also be necessary in order to bring this initiative to life.

“We approached Raman and Beemray with a concept and an idea, knowing that Beemray was deeply connected within the ad ecosystem,” Zarrilli said. “Once Verve made Beemray a part of its portfolio of offerings, the opportunity to work together made even more sense.”

Now, Verve is taking Visual Intent to agency partners throughout its ecosystem, discussing different ways to showcase the offering and discuss why moments-based marketing could provide a strategic advantage.  

“Real-time targeting of content is the key for making this initiative successful,” said Sidhu.  “Imagine an afternoon game of the World Cup, where millions of fans are reading articles and seeing news that capture the match’s highlights. There is a golden opportunity to capitalize on the window where sports fans consume content for this event.” 

Now, think about the different matches, leagues and events that drive our personal interests.  That is where the real potential lies for Visual Intent. Connect with a Verve representative to learn more about how Visual Intent can make your moments matter more.

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