How Verve DSP multiplies customer value through cross-group synergies

By Alexandra Klimashevich
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
October 3, 2022

In mid-2020 Platform161 (now referred to as Verve DSP) was acquired by Media Games Invest and became part of Verve Group. We are eager to share how the DSP has evolved through the synergies with Verve Group’s teams, products and technology. But first, we thought it would be helpful to share how we’re connected with Verve Group.

About Verve DSP (formerly Platform161)

Leading performance DSP with strong local presence in Europe and the USA

Verve DSP (formerly Platform161) is a leading demand-side platform (DSP) working with brands and agencies. This highly customizable platform can be quickly tailored to specific business cases and verticals. The DSP can be used in the self-service, managed-service, or hybrid mode, and can be reinforced with award-winning in-house creative service. 

In 2020, the DSP was acquired by MGI and became part of Verve Group, where it contributes to the Group’s quest of making media better and enhancing outcomes for everyone in the open internet.

About Verve Group

End-to-end ad tech ecosystem with a privacy-first approach

Verve Group is a global brand performance ad platform connecting brands and publishers to people in real time. Its in-app data platform provides a brand-safe and transparent programmatic and managed-service solution by overlaying location contextual audiences onto premium enriched global and local supply for brand performance campaigns. Verve Group is trusted by top Fortune 500 global digital brands with direct connections to over 4,000 premium publishers and apps worldwide. 

How do we work better together?

1: Better DSP

Multiple synergies with Verve Group are resulting in a better DSP for our self-service and managed-service customers:

  • Better quality of supply. Verve Group provides owned, premium supply sources, including some of the world’s largest mobile in-app and Mobile + CTV exchanges outside of walled gardens.
  • Increased transparency on where the ads are delivered thanks to employing Verve Group’s technology.
  • Future-proofing digital campaigns. DSP customers are ready to face the privacy-centric and cookieless world, empowered with disrupting proprietary technologies like Moments.AITM for contextual targeting.

“The cross-group synergies allow us to offer something unique to the market, something that standalone DSPs often can’t provide. We have built-in Supply Path Optimization (the optimal path to premium and O&O supply), seamless activation of unique creative formats which are natively supported on Verve SDKs, and privacy-first access to unique audiences. 

“Besides, Verve Group is bringing in true innovation like Moments.AITM and ATOM (Anonymized Targeting on Mobile). These cutting-edge offerings are only possible when SDK, SSP, and DSP work closely together on making it happen.”

– Alexei Moltchan, DSP’s Director of Product

2: Better strategy

Bertwin Menninga, Sr. Solutions Consultant and Product Manager, summarizes how we now empower our clients with better strategies:

“Each advertiser and each agency uses different strategies when it comes to driving successful digital campaigns. The flexibility of our DSP, its algorithms and its user interface, allow for the setup and execution of your preferred strategy.

“One size fits no one, therefore we have built a highly customizable DSP and keep innovating to better serve customer needs in a privacy-first world. Besides this, we employ a global team of highly experienced digital advertising specialists who are more than ready to help you out in selecting the right strategy for your brand, as well as to help you execute that strategy in the best possible way.

“Since we are part of Verve Group, all our customers now additionally benefit from the Group’s technology to execute future-proof strategies, regardless whether they entail real-time contextual targeting, hyper local mobile audiences or for instance app install campaigns.”

– Bertwin Menninga, Sr. Solutions Consultant and Product Manager

3: Better local presence and expertise

Before the acquisition, Platform161 was already big in Benelux, Germany, Turkey, and the Nordics and had a solid presence in the US and an office in Spain.

As part of MGI, Verve Group has an international presence of over 300 employees in 25+ offices globally, spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. 

This helps the DSP, being part of Verve Group, to have an even greater local representation, and allows us to serve more customers while being in the same timezone and more conveniently available to them through working hours.

Listing of Verve Group locations around the world, including North America, Latin Ameria, EMEA, and APAC.

Besides, Verve Group’s local expertise reinforces our strong skills and technical possibilities. 

For example, we’re enhancing our capabilities for running programmatic advertising for political campaigns in the U.S. and Europe. With years of experience and local experts in political advertising on board, we’re actively expanding our offering to the political and government sector.

In the meantime, we continue innovating and ensuring that we’re able to serve clients with an omnichannel, privacy-centric approach, while further expanding into DOOH and CTV, making inventory more accessible and better measurable thanks to future-proof technology.

To learn more about the possibilities of our buying suite, check out Verve DSP.

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