Webinar: 2022 Media Buying Trends and Insights

By Verve Group
Advertising Innovation at Scale
March 14, 2022

From major consolidations to the emergence of new channels and privacy-first technologies, the programmatic landscape is undergoing monumental shifts. As a result, marketers are faced with challenges, as well as opportunities, with these industry shifts. Understanding consumer behavior patterns has never been more important.

In our webinar “How To Optimize Media Buying in 2022 and Beyond”, we shared insights from our new report, The 2022 Media Planner’s Strategy Guide to Mobile and CTV, observing data on Verve Group’s programmatic mobile and connected TV (CTV) exchanges to help marketers strategize their media planning in 2022 and beyond.


  • Amal Thomas Roy, Customer Solutions
  • Janina Abou Al Ward, Product Marketing
  • Corey Kulis, Moderator

What We Covered

  • How to maximize value across the digital landscape by connecting with audiences in an omnichannel environment, as consumers move away from focusing on any one specific channel. 
  • Get equipped with the right set of tools that should be leveraged to re-work buyer personas and identify new target audiences.
  • Embrace emerging technologies and strategies to get ahead of the game and shift budgets to channels with promising high ROAS, in preparation for the demise of cookies and identifiers.

Watch the Webinar

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