2022 Media Planner’s Strategy Guide to Mobile and CTV

By Verve Group
Advertising Innovation at Scale
February 23, 2022

2021 was a year of change for the programmatic landscape. From major consolidations in the industry to the emergence of new channels and technology for targeting and measurement in the light of the increasing focus on consumer privacy, the year brought about many challenges. But it also created an abundance of opportunities.

In our 2022 Media Planner’s Strategy Guide to Mobile and CTV​, we analyze data observed on Verve Group’s programmatic mobile and connected TV (CTV) exchanges in 2021, and transform them into valuable insights to guide you through your media planning for the year ahead and beyond.

Top Findings for Marketers

  1. Consumers no longer focus solely on one specific channel, and their behavior patterns aren’t predictable anymore. There is a growing need for media planners to re-work their buyer personas and identify new target audiences. 
  2. With the availability of identifiers and cookies declining, media buyers must embrace new emerging technologies and strategies to get ahead of the game and shift budgets to channels with promising high return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). 
  3. Nevertheless, 2021 was a year that accentuated the worth of audiences. Our research revealed that US advertisers from traditional verticals such as consumer packaged goods are still very dependent on ID-based traffic. Addressable audiences continue to play a big role in their media strategy, as first-party data is rarely available in-house for these advertisers.

Why You Should Get the Report

  1. Discover the top content categories that bear hidden potential and are worth exploring (and investing in) in 2022. While channels such as CTV are no longer considered to be emerging channels, specific content categories are still underleveraged.
  2. Orchestrate the ideal mobile media plan according to the performance lifecycle of the top three mobile ad formats — banner, video, and full-screen interstitials. 
  3. Future-proof audience targeting in a world without cookies or identifiers. Learn why you should get started with consumer-first advertising today (and how) with our checklist.

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