Introducing HyBid SDK 3.0: Your fast lane to performance in a privacy-first world

Hybid SDK 3.0

We are thrilled to unveil the new HyBid SDK 3.0. This release marks a significant landmark in our efforts to enhance app monetization while prioritizing user privacy and data security. The new HyBid SDK significantly enhances full-screen ad experiences and addresses monetization hurdles for ID-less users.

What’s new in HyBid SDK 3.0?

Let’s unpack some of the major features and that makes this version the most important upgrade for our publisher partners.

  • HyBid SDK 3.0 is bundled with ATOM 3.0. Its state-of-the-art computing model will allow publishers to address 100% of their users and monetize them at scale, even in the absence of IDs.
  • We are introducing a new rendering engine that is the industry standard for the performance buyers dominating in-app market today.
  • It’s built on an open-source core, synonymous with transparency, giving our developers control to explore and contribute. HyBid SDK 3.0 is built by publishers and for publishers.
  • Supports iOS 17 privacy manifests.

Introducing industry-first, ID-less user monetization for mobile

HyBid SDK 3.0 comes bundled with ATOM 3.0 — no integration hassles. Publishers can now ensure 100% addressability using ATOM cohorts that are generated on the device, securely, using advanced machine learning models. ATOM 3.0 enriches every ad request with these predictive cohorts, allowing buyers to target their users with better relevance and precision, thereby increasing the value of your users and your eCPMs.

ATOM is now exclusively available on the iOS SDK and will soon be extended to Android.

Want to learn more about ATOM 3.0? Check out AdExchanger’s feature story about the launch, our press announcement, or this deep dive blog about how it works.

Better video ad rendering, lower churn, higher eCPMs

HyBid SDK 3.0 offers newly-refreshed ad templates to support features that balance performance of the campaigns and the ad experience within the app. The rendering experience is powered by:

  • Updated video player with new layout
  • Support for StoreKit View, SKOverlay, Custom End Cards, and Custom CTA
  • Enriched bidstream signals, including LURL, Storekit, and SKOverlay


Designed to facilitate app promotion directly within your application, SKOverlay is a feature within the StoreKit framework that allows the app to present a banner overlay to users. This SKOverlay banner showcases the recommended app’s icon, title, and a brief description. HyBid SDK 3.0 lets developers customize the overlay’s position on the screen, ensuring optimal visibility and interaction.

StoreKit Auto Open

StoreKit Auto Open boosts the efficacy of install-driven advertising campaigns. It optimizes user engagement by automatically prompting the app store page, leading to higher conversion rates and better eCPMs. This feature streamlines the user journey from advertisement to app installation, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the campaign, while keeping users within the app.

Custom End Cards

HyBid SDK 3.0 can automatically generate Custom End Cards, which improve user interaction by introducing an additional layer of ad relevance. This boosts engagement and offers a final chance to grab the user’s attention and drive app installations.

Custom CTA (call to action)

The Custom CTA is a compact banner positioned at the bottom of the ad, featuring a call-to-action (CTA) button. This tailored CTA element is designed to catch your app user’s attention and ensure a smooth transition from the ad to the app download. The Custom CTA feature optimizes the ad’s conversion potential, all while providing a seamless experience to the user.

Stay in control with an open-source SDK

The HyBid SDK 3.0 is also one of the few premium SDKs in the market that provides open and modular technology to simplify monetization for publishers. HyBid SDK 3.0 is available as an open-source solution on GitHub. By opening up our code, we grant developers transparent insights into the SDK data and security practices, unlocking access to agile feedback loops with our development team.

Verve also collaborates actively on open-source Prebid projects to make new tech accessible to the larger publisher community, along with our peers in the industry.

Stay ahead of fast-changing privacy regulations

As with previous versions, HyBid SDK 3.0 supports and complies with all regional and OEM-enforced privacy regulations. HyBid SDK 3.0 supports the latest iOS updates on SKAN, as well as privacy manifests. On Android, we are currently testing Privacy Sandbox as beta partners with Google.

Get started with HyBid SDK 3.0

HyBid SDK 3.0 is now available for iOS and Android users. We strongly recommend that all publishers stay updated to the latest version of our SDK. Reach out to your dedicated account manager should you have any questions.

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