Our open-source and modular SDK


For app developers looking to build a consistent stream of revenue through ads, the recommended integration method is through a software development kit (SDK). As a toolkit, the SDK provides access to a stable ad rendering engine, custom ad experiences, and sophisticated quality and privacy mechanisms.

In addition, SDKs that are open-source and modular provide better transparency and control, while making integrations more convenient and less complicated for developers.

Keep your apps lean

The decision to implement an SDK is often driven by its size as adding complex code can weigh down an app and affect performance, as well as drain a user’s data plan when the app is downloaded.

The Verve HyBid SDK is modular. Our HyBid SDK is designed for a fully customizable client-side implementation. Its modularized infrastructure allows for focused integration based on the ad formats that are relevant to the app developer. Our HyBid SDK offers modules for all standard ad formats such as banners, full-screen interstitials, native ads, and rewarded video. Our modular implementation also enables developers to seamlessly upgrade formats through a simple plug-and-play solution.

Keep your eyes on the code

The Verve HyBid SDK is open-source. In our mission to promote transparency and growth, we make new tech accessible to everyone by collaborating actively on open-source projects. Take, for example, our partnership with Prebid to build open-source in-app bidding solutions for publishers. This principle is foundational to all our core offerings for publishers, including the HyBid SDK. We do not believe in a black-box design or solution that restricts your freedom to stay in control of a critical piece of code in your app.

Our HyBid SDK is available as an open-source solution on GitHub. By opening our code to the public, we grant developers transparent insights into the SDK data and security practices, control over ad performance, and access to agile feedback loops with our development team. 

The HyBid SDK is also one of the few premium SDKs in the market that provides open and modular technology to simplify monetization for publishers. We will continue to focus on working closely with publishers and app developers to improve our monetization products and integration experience in a collaborative environment.  

Want to learn more about our HyBid SDK?

To implement the HyBid SDK or select modules, follow the instructions on our documentation page. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to your account manager or contact us here.

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