Ben Robin and Mark Menery To Lead EMEA, Americas Sales at Dataseat

Press release: New hires support Verve Group’s global expansion, increased demand for mobile app campaign management


Dataseat, a programmatic media platform for mobile marketers and a part of Verve Group, today announced the hiring of Ben Robin as VP of Sales for EMEA, and Mark Menery as VP of Sales, Americas.

Robin and Menery will play a critical role in driving Dataseat’s next stage of growth in mobile in-app campaigns. These latest appointments support the company’s global expansion plans, deepening its expertise in the data-driven digital advertising industry.

“When Verve Group acquired Dataseat, we kicked off a plan to expand our client base while staying true to what we do. Ben and Mark are two key pieces to that puzzle,” explained David Philippson, co-founder and CEO of Dataseat. “We are confident that each of them will contribute to the long-term vision of Dataseat and, in turn, bring new sources of revenues to our organization.”

Dataseat relies on machine learning and uses contextual signals — without any reliance on device IDs — to give advertisers full control, transparency, and adaptability over their campaigns. The company was founded by Philippson and Paul Hayton, two industry veterans who previously founded Ad-X Tracking (before selling it to Criteo in 2013) before starting Dataseat in 2019.

Ben Robin, EMEA
Robin joins Dataseat with mobile advertising experience, having spent the last two years as EMEA Senior Sales Director at DSP Moloco.

“Dataseat has been ahead of the curve when it comes to privacy compliance, and that is a key signal for success in EMEA,” Robin explained. “I am confident that when companies here see Dataseat’s recipe for success, they will want to have more of that intelligence and insight.”

Mark Menery, Americas
Mark has built a career helping companies grow revenue in both SaaS and digital advertising, specifically in the app space. He joins Dataseat after serving as Senior Director of Revenue Growth at Apptopia and prior to that he was head of revenue at PCH Media and Jumptap.

“Dataseat has helped brands and agencies across the globe take further control of their programmatic advertising” said Menery. “Dataseat’s roots in the gaming sector appeal to brands looking to garner the same sorts of connections that gamers have with game titles. I am eager to bring more advertisers towards Dataseat’s approach to realize the returns I know can be achieved.”

About Dataseat

Dataseat (now part of Verve Group) was created by ad-tech veterans who wanted to solve some of the biggest challenges in the industry: giving app developers and agencies the tools to take programmatic advertising in-house, with complete control and transparency, and leverage programmatic as a strategic advantage. Today, Dataseat relies on artificial intelligence and uses contextual signals — without any reliance on device IDs — to give advertisers full control and adaptability over their campaigns.

About Verve

Verve Group has created a more efficient and privacy-focused way to buy and monetize advertising. Verve Group is an ecosystem of demand and supply technologies fusing data, media, and technology together to deliver results and growth to both advertisers and publishers–no matter the screen or location, no matter who, what, or where a customer is. With 22 offices across the globe and with an eye on servicing forward-thinking advertising customers, Verve Group’s solutions are trusted by more than 90 of the United States’ top 100 advertisers, 4,000 publishers globally, and the world’s top demand-side platforms. Verve Group is a subsidiary of Media and Games Invest (MGI).

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